Real Betalbatim overwhelm Chinchinim 5-0 DHL down Indian Strikers

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 26: The early morning of December 21 saw not the end of the world as some had predicted but it saw yet another match of the United Goans Club Soccer tournament 2012 sponsored by Al Mulla Exchange. The results of these matches may not have been predicted by the Mayans but it was just as exciting with the clouds pouring away. Nothing could dampen the spirits of the players taking the field not the ominous skies, the pouring rains and not even the talk of the end of the world. Players of the Real Betalbatim F.C. and C.R.C. Chinchinim began the day with both teams rearing to battle out the storm and the game. Denzil Jodhav scored within minutes of the game giving Real a head start. The celebrations of that goal had not even worn off when Bradley Ragtao scored a well placed goal giving Real Betalbatim a 2-0 cushion.

It seemed to be raining goals for Real Betalbatim as minutes after the last goal; John Ferrao scored yet another goal. However, three goals at this point apparently weren’t enough as Denzil Jodhav scored his second goal of the day bringing the Real’s score to a 4-0 lead at the end of the first half. Sealing their win with another goal was Ruzario Fernandes to make the score a 5-0. The second match between the Indian Strikers and DHL was played well by both teams as they both evaded goals up until the last minute of the first half when Vico D’Souza of DHL scored at the stroke of half time. This put DHL in the lead lifting the morale of their players.

In second half Binoj Cheruvatur of DHL scored for DHL putting the pressure on the Strikers. Binoj Cheruvatur surprised the DHL fans when he scored another goal from the center line with a perfect long shot. The game ended with DHL moving ahead with a 3-0 victory.
The last match of the day was between Goa Maroons and United Goans and what a match it was.
The UG had more possession of the ball but both sides fought long and hard to protect their goal. None of the teams could break the barrier and the issue was settled from the penalty spot. The day belonged to Goa Maroon. They won 7-6 on penalties.

The match schedule for Dec 28, 2012 is as follows:
1. Kuwait Goan Association vs FC Sparks at 6:45 am
2. Real Betalbatim vs Malabar United at 8:15 am
3. Skynet Raiders vs Curtorcares United at 10:00 am

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