‘Assembly’ to complete term - Don’t deceive youths: Rakan

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 25: Several active participants of previous parliaments and political stakeholders agree enough signs are available and predicting the current National Assembly will complete its legislative term without dissolution. They added that signs of cooperation between the executive and legislative authorities started manifesting right from the first session, reports Al-Seyassah daily.
One political activist who responded to an opinion poll conducted by Al-Seyassah, former MP Dr Falah Al-Suweidi, affirmed that Kuwait currently lives in a fresh atmosphere of democratically elected parliament. He said the current lawmakers are not in the parliament to roll war tanks or usurp the power or storm the National Assembly chamber. He stressed that citizens have elected the lawmakers in a democratic atmosphere devoid of ambiguities, adding, “We may agree or disagree with the lawmakers, the fact still remains that this is real democracy in action.”
Another respondent, political analyst and academic Dr Shamlan Al-Essa affirmed that the new parliament has become a concrete reality, since it emerged through free and fair elections with full legitimacy. He cautioned against minding the activities of the lawmakers of the dissolved parliament.
He noted the new parliament should focus on national problems by finding ways to lasting solutions that fulfill the desires of citizens. “The lawmakers should understand that citizens are yearning for reform far from political propagandas like debt cancellation, salary increment and wrong employment policy,” the Kuwait University official emphasized.
Contributing to the discussion, former MP Khaled Al-Ajran said the current National Assembly is composed of the best civilized young politicians with high level of academic attainments.
He indicated the combination is suitable for this period when the world is in the advent of advanced science and technology, because it is necessary for the lawmakers to understand the needs of the contemporary world and adapt to its use for the benefit of the nation.
Meanwhile, the political activist Rakan Bin Hathalain expressed strong objection over the use of youths from the tribes by various political affiliations, indicating that it is time to stop politicians from deceiving the youths for political aggrandizements, reports Al-Seyassah daily.
During a press conference Bin Hathalain organized at the sidelines of the inauguration of his diwaniya in Riqqa on Sunday, he said the leaders of tribes should stand firm against the use of youths as the bridge they climb to achieve personal interests.
He said, “Leaders should no longer allow the use of youths as chandlers for racists and people with negative myopic activities that do not concern the tribes.”
He affirmed that the country is currently passing through a trying period and requires combined efforts from all components to overcome the period with its positive and negative aspects.
He urged actors of the political terrain to close the tumultuous political and social page, which has strengthened certain misbehaviors from some people.  He pointed out that everyone should open a new page based on positive dialogue and tolerating diversity of opinions.
He posited, “The onlookers at the political scenario and recent developments keep asking questions concerning why, until when and where is the country headed to? Every citizen who cares about the country has the right to ask such questions.”

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