FBAA holds final awarding ceremony ‘Year 2012 a memorable one’

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 24: An exciting 2012 season came to a close this week for the Filipino Badminton Association in Ahmadi (FBAA) when they held their final awarding ceremony at the FBAA Christmas Party 2012 in the Al-Afrah Ballroom, Crowne Plaza Hotel, earlier this week. The Ballroom was packed with FBAA members, sponsors and their representatives plus other guests who played a role in the success of FBAA in 2012, with the event being hosted by Roman Malabanan and Kenjie Corpuz who welcomed everyone to the reception. To start off the event, the opening prayer was led by Zoe Lesaca and Jeri Rimando followed by the opening remarks by FBAA President Ron Margate who thanked all the sponsors and the guests for helping make the occasion a success.

Margate, assisted by FBAA Vice President Norman Abad, offered his special thanks to the main sponsors of the 2012 conferences and presented all of them with plaques of appreciation as follows:
Abdulhadi Almailem Trading Co - Kuwait’s exclusive distributors of Hankook Tires, Toyo Tires, Goodyear Tires, Continental & Tires - through Abhay Chaturvedi (Marketing Manager), Sunil Nanda (VP Sales and Gaurav Joshi; Worley Parsons Resources & Energy through Martin Davies (Project Director) and Richard Ferfon (Project Finance and Admin Manager); McDonalds Kuwait through Arnold Saad (Senior Operations Manager), Fadi Razek (Director of Operations), and Sager Al Maousherji (General Manager); and AMEC Natural Resources with Celso Cruz receiving the plaque on behalf of Allan Armstrong (Country Manager ESM) and Amir Khan).

Margate also acknowledged the following co-sponsors and others who helped make the year 2012 a memorable one.
Global International General Trading & Contracting Co through Bivin & Sunny Thomas; Bridge General Trading - Fouad Roh, CEO & General Manager; NADEC - Jun Panaguiton; AIM Global Philippines: Bhasin Company - Prithu Bhasin; Western Union - Evangeline Gernale of Alpha Solutions, Robert Constantino and Michael Rosales of Western Union; and the Arab Times.

Mementos were then awarded to the following special contributors:
1. Allen Miole
2. Anne Diaz
3. Gerry Torio
4. Celson Cruz

Sportsmanship Award (Bronze)

The following were then awarded Sportsmanship Awards. According to Margate, sportsmanship is demonstrated when you show respect for yourself, your teammates, your teammates, and your opponents, for the team captains on both the sides, and for the umpires, committees and other officials.
1. Sonny Custodio, 2. Nihar Esmula, 3. Beth Millado, 4. Rico Eustaquio, 5. Jemmo Palado, 6. Vicente Joaquin, 7. Shirley Iglesias, 8. Roma Valdez, 9. Romeo Bolos, 10. Annie Centeno, 11. Eric Farthing, 12. Aileen Perez, 13. Allan Co, 14. Tanette Tuliao, 15. Maureen Ita-as, 16. Ell Parado, 17. Danilo Basco, 18. Freddie Ocampo, 19. Elmer Rivera, 20. Irwin Climaco, 21. Mark Quesada, 22. Alvin Godoy, 23. Michael Rodriguez, 24. Jay Parantar, 25. Leila Flores, 26. Robert Luague.

Most Improved Player (Silver)
Awards were then given to the Most Improved Players. These are players who, within the year, have improved by leaps and bounds. The following were then given these awards:
1. Noel Sarabillo, 2. Jeanette Eustaquio, 3. Freeman Gallevo, 4. Cheyenne Lampian, 5. Sheryl Banera, 6. Rommel Vizcarra, 7. Myline Tagala, 8. Ashleigh Tagala, 9. Ritz Montesclaros, 10. Belinda Valdez, 11. Noraiza Parado, 12. Ronilo Fuentes, 13. James Aguinaldo, 14. Roman Malabanan, 15. Edelyn Ocampo, 16. Marlad Aman, 17. Hammie Ita-as, 18. Franklin Monteslaros, 19. Anthony Valdez, 20. Lankey Bhavani, 21. Eric Soldevillo.

Loyalty Award (Gold)
A Loyalty Award is given to those players who continuously participate in FBAA tournaments for five years. The following earned this award:
1. Ryan Aguilar, 2. Hans Ita-as, 3. Brehn Garcia, 4. Allen Miole, 5. Melanie Miole, 6. Farhad Lauhari, 7. Aileen Perez, 8. Joenel Seva, 9. Lorelei Seva, 10. Aldrin Turalde.
The following outgoing Executive Committee and Committee Members (2012) were then awarded Plaques of Appreciation :

Outgoing Committee
Roxanne Alonzo, Vanessa Aguilar, Leeforp Alonzo, Irwin Climaco, Dianne Elamparo, Joseph “Jeb” Elamparo, Maureen Ita-as, Holden Ita-as, Benedict Garcia, Freddie Ocampo, Ell Parado, Janette Rimando, Jonathan Rimando, Elmer Rivera, Marinette Tuliao, Danilo Basco, Franklin Montesclaros, Anthony Valdez, Gerry Torio.
Outgoing Executive Committee
Intern Affairs Director: Ryan Aguilar
External Affairs Director: Hans Ita-as
Tournament Director: Arjay Lesaca
Treasurer: Thess Herrera
Secretary: Cathy Lesaca
Vice President: Norman Abad
President: Ron Margate

This was followed by the oath-taking ceremony for the Executive Committee for 2013.The designations were announced by FBAA Comelec headed by Jonathan Rimando.The following were named to this committee with the oath administered by former FBAA president and currently a member of FBAA’s Board of Advisors Tony Elamparo:

Internal Affairs Director: Ryan Aguilar
External Affairs Director: Joseph Elamparo
Tournament Director: Arjay Lesaca
Treasurer: Maureen Ita-as
Secretary: Janette Rimando
Vice-President: Hans Ita-as
President: Ron Margate

This was followed the FBAA 6th Anniversary Presentation, a FBAA video by Romeo Bolos, a surprise dance number by secretly6 selected FBAA officers and Committee members, an FBAA 2012 tournament presentation and a draw for 14 lucky winners of the AIM Global scholarship.
Towards the end of the evening there was a were a number of raffles with many taking away top prizes. The Western Union raffle (by Michael Rosales) - a unit of LED TV 32” was won by Elmer Rivera; the Trivia Game (by Cathy) saw 10 FBAA gift vouchers being given; there was a distribution of gifts for children under 10 years; a FBAA raffle with Digital cameras won by Jeremy Lindquist and Jonathan Rimando in two separate draws; and the FBAA Bingo - won by Anthony Valdez — closed out the games for the day.
At the end of the event there were closing remarks by FBAA President Ron Margate before everyone took to the floor, with DJ Hans on the music to dance the evening away.

By: Jose Gabriel

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