Establish private hospitals for ‘retired people’, says Al-Enzi ‘Stay away from provocative statements’

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 24: MP Askar Al-Enzi has submitted a proposal to establish two private hospitals for retired people - one in Al-Sabah health zone and another in Jahra, reports Al-Seyassah daily.
He has proposed the government equip the hospitals with most recent medical facilities and efficient medical staff to render medical service to retired people free of charge. He quoted Article 11 of the Constitution as saying the government is in charge of sponsoring citizens in their old age, during sickness and when they are unable to work.
Meanwhile, MP Hamad Saif Al-Harshani urged members of the legislative and executive authorities to keep away from provocative statements that hinder desired cooperation in the current phase.   
He said the country is currently witness to a new phase of parliamentary work that requires adopting a new way of dealing with various cases and pending issues so as to promote mutual collaboration, and not provocation or threats. He is optimistic there will be lucrative collaboration between the government and the National Assembly, as well as mutual respect.
“We should give government an opportunity to accomplish its task under our surveillance by supporting them and correcting their mistakes without threats or loud voices,” he noted.   

On the other hand, MP Khalid Al-Shlaimi said the Ministry of Interior is in charge of security in the country, stressing the ministry shelves many complaints the citizens file with them.
He added the recent crime at Avenues was the result of lack of security by the Interior Ministry, adding the eyes that pursue Twitter users must as well shoulder complete responsibility to ensure security in all areas of the country.
He reiterated, “Do not be busy enjoying the chalets or visiting London or listening to the concerns of citizens”, noting he will submit queries to the Interior Minister as regards application of the principle of justice and equality while accepting applicants to join the Police Academy.
In another development, the head of Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee MP Saleh Ashour disclosed the committee has requested the parliament to hold a special session to look into all covenants and treaties Kuwait signed with Arab and friendly nations, reports Al-Shahed daily.
He added the committee is studying six agreements and treaties signed with Arab and friendly nations as a way of strengthening economic relations and investment with both sides.

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