‘Some tried to topple regime’ Amir rescued Kuwait: KU

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 24: Dr Ahmad Al-Munaiyes, Vice Rector of the Kuwait University has said some dangerous political currents aimed to topple the constitutional regime, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. He added the decree of necessity on one-vote system, which HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad issued, rescued the country and foiled the intrigues of the leaders of the political currents, stressing the Amir efficiently managed to liberate Kuwait from falling into dark tunnels, but the executive and legislative authorities must execute their projects to be able to counter any attempt of toppling the Constitution. 

He added the attitude of the opposition in Kuwait is weird and its slogans contradict their behavior. He stressed the government will tend to become dictatorial if the country attains a popular government because the mentality of ‘Sheikh of Tribe’ and sectarian affiliations still dominate many minds.

Commenting on the temporary closure of his late father’s diwaniya, which is a political and cultural forum, he affirmed refusing to allow the diwaniya to be used as platform for members of the Brotherhood Movement who seek to modify the constitution according to the objectives of their mother movement in Egypt.
“We should transform national loyalty from the mere slogans we chant into serious practice for true national responsibilities”, declared the speakers at the inauguration of the national orientation project titled ‘Loyalty’, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

The Chairman of the committee that organized the conference Abdullah Khasrouh said initiatives of such nature cover comprehensive challenges facing the country.
He explained that the basis for organizing the conference was to transform slogans of loyalty to practical actions, indicating that it behooves the youths to restructure understanding of patriotism in the real sense.
“Youths are the fuel for the present, leaders of tomorrow, real strength for raising values of loyalty and are capable of ridding anything that could divide Kuwaitis and destabilize the society”, said Khasrouh.
The Secretary-General of the project Dr Khadija Ashkanani affirmed the significance of directing the youths to bear responsibilities for the country, stressing the youths must understand the meaning of loyalty to the country and consolidate principles of nationalism, which includes the culture of respect for the law and prioritization of national interest above all other interests.

Eng Jassem Qabazard a member of the Group of 62 said he regarded loyalty as personal standard that normally grows from the mind in line with certain guidelines, responsibilities and rights.
He stated that those factors demand for self-control, adding that loyalty is relevant to positive social activities such as working towards maintaining a clean environment where respect for diversity of opinions reign supreme to ensure steady security and stability.

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