KFH officials and delegates pose for a group photo.
KFH plans to expand in foreign mkts North America offers real estate opportunities

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 23: Kuwait Finance House (KFH) CEO Mohammed Al-Omar received a delegation from Portland University, Oregon, and explained that KFH plans to expand in foreign markets as part of its investment strategy that seeks to make KFH an added value in any market it operates in. He added that North American markets offer rewarding real estate investment opportunities, and that KFH has established a partnership with to launch a real estate portfolio specialized in profitable residential real estate. He went on to say that the value of the portfolio is half billion US dollars, and noted that KFH has also launched businesses in various real estate locations after extensive feasibility studies.

Moreover, Al-Omar mentioned that KFH had setup another real estate partnership in the United States last year with Grosvenor worth half billion US dollars. The company is specialized in health care real estate and medical offices. He stated that last year, KFH setup a real estate fund in Canada worth 450 million Canadian dollars in collaboration with one of Canada’s major companies, not to mention that KFH is currently considering other investment opportunities in Canada; especially after positive growth indicators in the Canadian market, and suitable legislations.

During the meeting, Al-Omar discussed several international investment models that KFH managed to execute, such as the role shouldered by KFH-Turkey that serves as a bridge between Kuwait and Europe, in addition to KFH-Malaysia that serves as another bridge between Kuwait and east Asian countries. He also highlighted the success of KFH-Bahrain that continues to take huge strides year after year in several economy fields, which will reinforce development efforts in those societies. Vice-Chairman and CEO of Liquidity Management House (LMH) Emad Al-Menaie discussed means of developing Islamic finance and innovation of products, such as Sukuk. He shed light on KFH’s and LMH efforts in that field that are evident through spearheading the issuance of numerous Sukuk for governments and major companies in the region and the world. He added that Sukuk are highly demanded in light of the recent economy developments, and the need for governments and companies to diversify sources of funding.

Furthermore, Strategy and Corporate Affairs General Manager Fahad Al-Mukhaizeem revealed KFH’s success story since its foundation, and how it managed to pave the way for the setup of a titanic financial sector that has a strong foothold in the global economy. He added that KFH managed to innovate new services and products, in addition to raising awareness regarding those products, which allowed them to dominate local, regional, and global financial markets. Development and Training Manager Emad Merza talked about training and development courses given to new employees, while Brand Manager Ziad Salama highlighted KFH’s mission and vision, in addition to the bank’s strategy regarding corporate marketing and ad campaigns.

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