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Marine Spa rout GCC-Vipers 50-38 Vimexku down Global Care

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 23: Marine Spa glided into a cozy win against GCC-Vipers 58-38 in Friday’s UAE Exchange Xpress Money PABAK 30th conference games with Ronald Rabailo’s last-minute 6-point blitz nailing the victory for Spa in the opening game while Vimexku edged Global Care 85-78 also in the FONZ/TFC/Chicken-Inasal/AJWAA Travels co-sponsored tournament. In the match against Marine Spa, there was very little the Vipers could do to script an upset, with Spa clearly the favorites in the lopsided game. Vipers were hammered 58-38 with Ronald Rabailo and Marlon Batino in control, offering a visual treat to the gallery with their rebounds and sense of ball control. The duo scored 10 and 8 with Freddie Eugenio supporting with 7.

Bryan Pierce did the maximum scoring for Vipers at 11 with Paul Andrade second best at 9. Rounds one and two were ruled decisively by Marine Spa, 14-4, 22-16. Thereafter, the Spa’s momentum seemed to have dimmed somewhat but Vipers failed to step up to fill the void to take advantage of the opposition lapses, thus allowing them to continue in their barrages, albeit slowed. Batino and his crew, though a little rusty, still posed a threat with points coming in trickles. With Spa’s dominance not seriously challenged, they went on to clinch the win despite Vipers’ final round rally that resulted in a pitched battle with Pierce scoring 9 in the round. That however couldn’t help the Vipers in their losing battle. Elsewhere in the tournament KOC-EMS edged The-One in another low-scoring encounter. Knowing the teams to be equals, the crowd erupted to the buzzer. Mark Glean dealt with 3-pointers right off the bat for The-One, scoring 21 totally. The first half cumbered 28-20 with KOC on top. The-One ruled the third 17-16 but still trailed 37-44 overall.

The game went down to the wire in the last round, as Mark Glean and Abalos wouldn’t let up their score chase for the The-One, while Lorenzo and Abdul were eking out foxy points at the other corner, keeping KOC’s scorecard racing. KOC finally won the day, 56-51.
Delos Santos scored the final point for SMDC-FBC to nail the victory against a feisty Chicken-Inasal side in the next game. The opening quarter of the game seemed somehow a lop-sided affair from the start with the balance tilting in Inasal’s favour, 18-11.
But as the game progressed FBC stepped up and fought hard to turn the tables in the second round, leaping ahead 20-7 to open a 6-point advantage overall over Chicken-Inasal on the half time mark of the highly fluid game that finally ended with FBC running away with just a point in their 68-67 win.
Chicken-Inasal’s Captain and point guard Arvin Piscasio opened the scoring drive for his side with a 3-pointer from a Martin Vidal mid-court pass. Leo Reyes and Vidal quickly jumped on the momentum wagon with some delectable runs and passes, slotting home 6 and 4 points apiece to bring the opening round to a close with an 18-11 spanking for the Chicken specialists.

Almost immediately entering round two Jon Jon Labadan replied to the opposition broadside with a 2-pointer for SMDC with Artie De La Cruz and captain De Vera joining in the scoring, taking advantage of a leaky Inasal defence to add to the SMDC -FBC scorecard, ending the round with a dazzling performance that culminated in a 20-7 score for FBC, translating into an overall 6-point advantage for them on the first half mark.
But Inasal-Chicken roared back fighting furiously in the third with a tighter defence and more aggressive offence to recapture the initiative with an 18-12 result that effectively threw the game into a stalemate at 43-43 for both sides. And with the final round ending 19-19 at a full time score line 62-62, the game had to extend into overtime with both sides angling for the win. It was Santos’ slot into the Inasal hoop that broke the jinx to hand SMDC-FBC the 6-5 overtime win culminating in the 68-67 final score line.
In the next game, M-Tag went down against ON-TIME 70-49. The M-Tag squad was humbled by the combined firepower of Pasqual and Lanceta, who made 34 points between them. The lopsided match ended 70-49, ON-TIME on top.

The game had a predictable pattern to it with ON-TIME maintaining a comfortable lead in the first three rounds only to lose its steam in the fourth, conceding 15-24 to M-Tag 22-8, 18-6, 21-13 and 15-24. But the M-Tag final round rally came too late as the opposition had already accumulated enough points in the first three rounds to win the game.
In the next game, ATC Chilles lost the match to Mindweb but won the hearts of fans with their last-ditch fight to claw back into the gone game and almost snatching it away. Mindweb, just when they were beginning to feel smug with victory in sight after a first half 47-38 reign, Chilles broke out their surprises in the third round, overwhelming Mindweb 21-18, with a sudden surge of energy and aggression, particularly from captain Alfred Chan and Tom Reyes who came into the round with a ravenous appetite for scores. Chan scored 25 and Reyes 20.

Thanks to Dirk Basco, Mindweb were quick to recover from the shock and control the damage, reviving their scoring streak. Basco made 16, Richie Javillo 11 and Marlon Bautista 10. They were the leading scorers for Mindweb. Eventually, Mindweb won 87-75. The next game saw Veterans-Move dump Survivors 80-76. Veterans’ victory was a culmination of team work from the players who took turns at scoring. The game was a foregone conclusion from the outset with Veterans setting the pace for the Survivors to trail in all rounds. Veterans’ high scorers were James Carillo, Noel Bautista and Allan Yap at 14, 12 and 10. Jun and Nias also were on target in the Survivors’ loss with 11 and 7 apiece. G-Mills Cargo and Legend squared up for a hotly contested, yet electrifying, encounter in the penultimate game, Legend shrinking 68-72. Dong Bartoline plundered Legend with his spring-heeled dunks and lunar-gravity laps, hitting 24 markers. Rommel Dingson added 13 important points to the G-Mills counter. Eagles Alliance downed Marina Volts 76-61 in the final game. The Eagles ruled the game from the start to finish with Martias, Beltran and Carillo roping in the vital points for the win. Funtanares and Valencia were also on the score sheet for Marina Volts.

By: Iddris Seidu

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