Revenge on daily motive Twiterrer identified

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 23: The security authorities have reportedly identified the suspect who was operating the social networking website Twitter in the name of Sheikh Sabah Al-Mohammad, Editor-in-Chief of Al-Shahed daily quoting security sources.

The same sources said the suspect is a woman, who was abusing the national symbols in the name of the editor-in-chief. The sources also said she deliberately made some spelling mistakes while writing names of people to throw security authorities off guard.

The source said the woman is now in Kuwait and the security authorities identified her when she mentioned the names of all Sheikhs who occupy senior positions in the country in addition to others who have nothing to do with administration of the country.

The woman mentioned the name of Jassem Al-Kharafi who is not a Sheikh. She mentioned his name because he was the boss of her husband when he was Minister of Finance.

The woman made another mistake by not mentioning the name of a well-known member of the ruling family because she is his close relative.

The third mistake she committed by mentioning the name of another member of the ruling family who has nothing to do with what is going on in the country and has not been in any senior position for the past 50 years. She mentioned his name because he was involved in a dispute with her husband.

The woman allegedly cooperated with an unidentified writer and lawyer because he too wanted to take revenge on Al-Shahed daily.

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