‘Around 35,000 disabled people not given full rights’ Most privileges lost with passing of law: Hajiri

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 23: A group of disabled people are unhappy and bitterly complain society sees them as trivial. The group explained that nearly 35,000 people with disability are not given their full rights. They stressed the need to let disabled people join in some sectors since many of them are without jobs and are counting on the current National Assembly to solve their problems.

In an interview with one person with special need whose disability didn’t prevent him from earning a PhD, Professor of International Law at the Kuwait University Dr Mados Al-Rashidi said the Disability Act issued in 2010 contains many important articles but the law is not applied because Public Authority for Disabled does not treat the nearly 35,000 disabled people in Kuwait humanely.

He said “as a disable person, I suffer because most of my legal rights are not given, and sometimes, I face difficulties trying to complete ordinary transactions at Public Authority for Disabled”, stressing employees at the sector are careless.

For his part, Adel Al-Hasawi said he is not given adequate care by the concerned authorities, thanks to bureaucracy in the concerned agencies for disabled people.

Also, Ahed Marzouq Al-Rashidi hopes the new National Assembly will fulfill their needs, as the category has suffered for years trying in vain to draw successive assemblies to their rescue.

Basma Al-Faraj pointed to discrimination among various cases of disability. She cited allowances paid to disabled people vary from one person to another. She called for the concerned authority to amend the problem.

Meanwhile, the General Secretary of Kuwait Sports Club for the Disabled Shafi Al-Hajiri affirmed he also faced similar problems other disabled people are facing, stressing Disability Law that should be providing their essential needs such as house, jobs, medical services, and education for disabled people has yet to be activated.

He added the law only focuses on the financial aspect without relevance to their human and moral side, which is more important. He reiterated the disabled people previously enjoyed lots of benefits but they lost most privileges with the passing of Disabled Law, which has been established purposely to serve personal interests.

By: Najeh Bilal and Eman Billy Special to the Arab Times

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