‘Marry man of your choice’ Court nods woman’s wish

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 22: The Personal Status Court allowed a 26-year-old woman to marry the man of her choice against the wishes of her parents.
According to the case files, when a young man asked for the hand of the plaintiff, the latter’s father refused to accept without explaining the reasons for his refusal. Since all the conditions for marriage were met, plaintiff did not find a reason for her father’s refusal to allow her to marry the man.
The plaintiff lawyer Attorney Mohammad Khureibit requested the court to rule in favor of his client and allow her to marry the man of her choice.
In another case, the Criminal Court on Sunday listens to the defense of Mohammad Al-Juwaihel, member of the nullified 2012 parliament, in the offensive statements he allegedly launched against the Mutair Tribe on his Twitter account.
Public Prosecution at the end of Sept referred the lawsuit to the Criminal Court on accusations of Al-Juwaihel abusing the Mutair Tribe, misusing his cell phone and illegal possession of a gun and ammunition.   
Earlier, the defendant denied all accusations in front of the Sentences Renewal Judge and stressed he owns no account on Twitter. He maintains an unidentified person impersonated his character on Twitter and posted the offensive tweet.

By: Jaber Al-Humoud Special to the Arab Times

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