Transfer of Visa

My visa was locally transferred to the new company one month ago.
I am on probation but I am not happy with the new company and want to leave. Will the Shoun (Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor) transfer my residence? The company is ready to give me a release.
Or if the company terminates me during my probation period and is ready to release me, will the Shoun transfer my residence.
I am not a graduate but was born and brought up in Kuwait.

Name withheld
The new Labor Law, though on the whole good for workers, has created a situation where people like you can’t transfer their residence.
In your case, although you are on probation and are allowed to leave the company you will not be allowed to transfer your residence if you resign.
But as you say, your company is ready to release you and if it does you will be allowed to transfer your residence.
It doesn’t matter whether you were born and brought up in Kuwait.

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