Venomous speeches

YOUSEF Al-QARADHAWI, the Qatari millionaire of Egyptian origin played or rather plays a suspicious role in the Egyptian revolution. We saw him taking the podium at the Al-Tahrir Square when members of the January 25 revolution in an improvised speech succeeded in driving home their point although neither he nor members of the Egyptian Brotherhood Movement did anything worthwhile that led to the success of the revolution. Yousef Al-Qaradhawi recently advised the Egyptians to say ‘Yes’ to the Egyptian draft Constitution which has been ‘woven’ by the ‘Brotherhood and Salafist’ not to ‘lose’ – according to him – the $20 billion which Qatar has promised to give Egypt.

We wonder, what is the reason behind issuing such venomous speeches, which are seen as unripe interference in the internal affairs of Egypt by a Qatari person of Egyptian origin – a person who is seen as a controversial character? We also wonder about the attitude of our Qatari brothers who have done nothing to control ‘their Al-Qaradhawi’ unless they have given the green light to all that he has said. If Qatar has promised to help Egypt with this big sum of money, it is considered assistance from a younger brother to a elder brother who is badly in need of financial help.

This assistance should not be seen as favor or grace. It should not be linked to the internal policy of Egypt since the Brotherhood Movement, which is in conflict with various Egyptian groups, is thirsty for power and wants to stamp its dominance over the nation. Nonetheless, Egypt will always remain bigger than its Brotherhood and the Salafist movements or assistance given to it by any party. The second venomous speech which I heard was on the BBC Arabic channel – a quotation from a notable Kuwaiti opposition member who had led the street protests. According to the radio this member gave the December 2012 Kuwaiti parliamentary elections the ‘forged’ title. Our reply to this statement is: ‘Political prostitution’.
We may allow you to use the Erada Square or the Banks Square or even the chair of a barber to make irrational speeches, but we will not allow you to rave through a respectful radio station which has a large following and broadcasts to the entire world.

This speech contradicts the truth of the recent parliamentary elections in which ‘you’ refused to take part willingly. These were the most honest and cleanest elections in Kuwait’s entire political history.
The simplest merit we can give this honest election is the people did not witness any sectarian or tribal primaries.

These elections did not witness the usual vote-buying phenomenon which was common with the ‘four votes per person’ system. It is enough to say the voter who cast his/her vote once is fully convinced with the election of his/her candidate away from tribal, sectarian or any other considerations.
So, until the next parliamentary elections in 2016, just ‘shut up’! Take rest and let the homeland do without your devilish deeds and speeches.


By: Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

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