Termination - Worker facing problem from employer

You have a number of times detailed the circumstances in which an employer can terminate his worker without notification and without benefits but what about the worker when he faces problems from his employer. Can he also do the same and, if so, in which circumstances.

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Yes, the Labor Law gives equal opportunities to workers in all circumstances and knowing that not all employers respect the rights of workers has set Article 48 for this purpose.
This article details the worker’s rights as follows:
The worker shall have the right to terminate his work contract without notification and shall be entitled to his end of service benefit in any of the following cases:
a. If the employer does not abide by the terms of the contract or the provisions of the law.
b. If the worker is assaulted by or by provocation from either the employer or his deputy.
c. If continuing work will endanger his safety and health pursuant to the decision of the medical arbitration committee at the Ministry of Health.
d. If the employer or his deputy commits an act of cheating or fraud with regard to work conditions upon signing the contract.
e. If the employer has accused the worker of committing a punishable act and the final verdict acquits him.
f.  If the employer or his deputy commits an act that violates public morals against the worker.
So, as you can see, the issue is very clear. The employer can’t get away with violation of the workers’ rights.

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