The flying object equipped with sensitive cameras used for spying activities seized by police.
Citizen involved as ‘probe’ uncovers likely terrorist plot Sensitive material found on ‘flying gadget’s’ cameras

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 18: Investigations into the sophisticated aerial equipment which recently crashed into the oil tower belonging to the Kuwait Oil Company show that a Kuwaiti man is an accomplice in the alleged underground activities, reports Al-Shahed daily.

The prime suspect who is in police custody is believed to be a member of the Lebanese Hezbollah, say sources close to the investigation.

The same sources say the photos which have been retrieved from the equipment’s imaging device contain footage of vital oil installations in Shuaiba and Ahmadi.

This is in addition to pictures of other edifices, the Kuwait International Airport and military installation in the Arifjan Camp.

The sources say the suspect has admitted to assembling the equipment in Kuwait and installing inside it the modern sophisticated filming device smuggled into the country from abroad.

The sources added the investigations are continuing to find out the motives of the people involved in the illegal activities. The sources added the security authorities have formed a team to monitor aerial devices, particularly since some of them are being flown in the vicinity of restricted areas and vital installations.

In a similar development, an Indian expatriate and three German expatriates were arrested recently for taking photographs of some oil installations in Shuaiba Port.

According to security sources, while Ahmadi securitymen were patrolling Shuaiba Port, they noticed four individuals holding a camera and taking photographs of the oil rigs.

When the suspects noticed the patrol vehicle, they tried in vain to hide. Securitymen arrested them and referred to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action against them.

Mystery shrouds arrest: Mystery surrounds the arrest of three Iraqi men who allegedly tried to illegally enter the country.
According to the Al-Shahed daily security personnel at the Abdali border post arrested the men while attempting to infiltrate into the country and that they tried in vain to escape on foot when they saw the police.
According to security sources one of those arrested is a member of the Republican Guard and police have seized from him maps showing entry and exit points in the country.
However, the Al-Rai daily said the Iraqis attempted to infiltrate into the country in search of jobs.
The Al-Anba daily added the Iraqis are juveniles and during interrogation they admitted to entering the country my mistake.
The daily also said they have been handed over to the concerned Iraqi authorities.

Fake work permits: Police have arrested a Sri Lankan man and are looking for a Kuwaiti — identified only as T.A. — for selling forged work permits for KD 530 each, reports Al-Shahed daily. A security source said the arrest came when an Indian man filed a complaint with the General Immigration Department of the Ministry of Interior accusing the Sri Lankan of selling him the fake work permits.
He also told the authorities the work permits were for Indians who were hired by an unidentified company and when he approached the Indian Embassy for completion of formalities, the embassy officials discovered the work permits were fake.
Investigations conducted by police led to the arrest of the Sri Lankan who admitted to obtaining the work permits from a Kuwaiti who is still at large.
The Al-Anba daily said the Kuwaiti owns a fake company in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and about 30 expatriates have paid between KD 700 and KD 1,000 for each work permit.
The daily also said the man has ‘disappeared’ after selling the visas.

Away from law: Kuwait Municipality officers in Andalus have come across a big carpet spread out in the electric converter premises in the area. This is in addition to a chair and 15 empty bottles of Red Label Whisky, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.
According to reliable sources some people use this place to consume alcohol away from the ‘prying’ eyes of the security authorities.

Workers are thieves: Police have arrested four Asians workers for stealing aluminum doors and windows of a factory where they are employed, reports Al-Rai daily.
A security source said when the Saudi owner of the factory was told about the theft he suspected the employees and put them under surveillance. The employee followed them until they reached a building under construction in Jaber Al-Ali and called the Operations Department of the Interior Ministry and seized from the area a large quantity of doors and windows stolen from the factory.
The four men have been referred to the concerned authorities.

Drugs found on Kuwaiti: Police have seized a Kuwaiti man with two sachets of heroin and 240 narcotic pills and a syringe with traces of drugs, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.
The daily added the motorist was ordered to pull over for reckless driving and discovered he was under the influence of drugs. Police records also show the man had been sentenced in absentia for a drug-related offence.

Saudi trio nabbed: Police have arrested three Saudis for breaking into a grocery shop in Jahra and stealing KD 700 and prepaid telephone cards worth KD 300, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.
According to the security authorities, the Saudis bought some stuff from the grocery and walked away without paying. The two salesmen went after the Saudis and managed to bring back the stuff.
The Saudis then allegedly returned with a ‘friend’, assaulted the two salesmen and drove off with the loot.
However, when the salesmen shouted for help, the Saudis in an attempt to escape collided with two cars.
When police arrived, they found in possession of the suspects not only the stolen cards and money but also narcotic pills.
Police records also show two of them were wanted by law.

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