Burgan Bank wins Commerz Bank Quality Recognition award

Burgan Bank today announced that it had been awarded the Commerz Bank Quality Recognition Award for the second time. The award is in acknowledgement of the consistent, high quality performance and standards that Burgan Bank’s complete range of Euro funds transfer operations management and staff has maintained during the year. Commerz Bank said that Burgan Bank achieved the highest level of the award and was amongst few banks across the MENA region to receive this recognition for both its treasury and commercial activities.

Adrian Gostuski, Burgan Bank Group’s Chief operating Officer said: “This is not the first time that Burgan Bank’s operations excellence has been recognized by Commerz Bank, a step that further illustrates the bank’s leading presence in the global financial services market. “Over the course of the year 2011 and throughout this year the financial industry faced a number of challenges, and we are extremely proud that despite this, Burgan Bank has continued to maintain high quality performance and standards for funds transfer operations” added Gostuski.

Commerz Bank has presented awards in the past to select Euro clearing clients that achieved a best in-class level of operational excellence. These awards are given to clients who achieve outstanding straight-through results by properly formatting their SWIFT payments.


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