AVC dominate United Friends in KIFF league Raiders, Curtorcares win on penalties

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 18: Friday December 14 saw clear sunny skies as players of the KIFF (Kuwait Indian Football Federation) came onto the field for yet another round of matches in the second week of the United Goans Club 2012 Soccer tournament sponsored by Al Mulla Exchange.
The match between United Friends Club VS AVC was the opening match of the day with both teams battling to stay in the tournament. But 20 minutes into the first half AVC got their first taste of victory as Regan Fernandes scored their first goal with a cleverly maneuvered header.
Thus the pressure was on the United Friends as the half time bell sounded. The game had barely resumed when Sydney Monteiro charged on to score the second goal for AVC putting the United Friends in a very dangerous position.

Moreover, before the United Friends had enough time to respond, Leslie Alemao scored yet another goal bringing the score to a 3-0 end with AVC walking away as winners of the match. The match referees were Sarto along with Mubarak and David.
The second match of the day was between the Kerala Challengers and the Skynet Raiders and it seemed like the Skynet Raiders had come with their mind set on winning as Sony Gomes scored their first goal within the first few minutes of commencement.
Both teams held their own with a good defense backing them up until the very end when Fajilu Maveli scored for the Kerala challengers bringing them right back into the game with a 1-1 score.

The match went into extra time and then penalties and finally Skynet Raiders walked away with a 5-4 win after a match well played by both sides. The Match Referee was Chris, Sharma and David were Linesmen.
The third and final match of the day was between the Y.R.C. Rising Stars and Curtorcares United.  Both teams seemed equally qualified as neither one was ready to back down nor did they give the other team a chance to score.
Both teams were relentless in their pursuit for a goal even as the match went into extra time. The match headed into penalties and the Curtorcares came out victorious with a 6-5 win to end the day.
Filip Ferrao officiated the match with Vincy and Nikush on the lines.

Schedule for matches on 21st December are as follows;
1)    Real Betalbatim F.C. vs. C.R.C. Chinchinim At 6:45am
2)    DHL vs. Indian Strikers at 8:30am.
3)    Goa Maroons vs. United Goans Center at 10:45am.

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