‘Security, stability of Kuwait at risk’ - ‘Foreign hands at work’

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 16: The so-called majority members of former annulled Parliament are intending to globalize the issue of the Constitutional Court declaring that National Assembly null and void according to reliable information, reports Al-Seyassah daily quoting reliable sources who say they have information about these members establishing links with ‘foreign bodies’.

The sources added these foreign parties are behind the suspicious Internet website ‘Nation’s Dignity’ which confirms hidden hands are planning to tamper with the security and stability of Kuwait by creating strife and feuds within the community under the banner of the ‘opposition’.

In this context, reliable sources said the question arises who is behind the establishment of the website and who is funding it and who is directing it to call upon the citizens to organize demonstrations and sit-ins to protest the laws of the nation.

Until now the answers have been vague and ambiguous. Former MP Jamaan Al-Harbash in reply to this query had once said, “Those who are behind this website are few who believe in Allah.”

Some sources say ‘Nation’s Dignity’ website is supported and financed by the so-called ‘Karama’ Dignity organization of Qatar, which has vowed to embrace the ideals and supports any opposition group in the GCC states, but not in Qatar.

The sources said the organization helps the opposition to hold conferences in European capitals and spends generously on all activities and movements.

The sources pointed out the head of the organization and financer is Qatari millionaire Abdul Rahman bin Omair. He is backed by another millionaire Khalifa Al-Rayyan, who generously supports the organization.

This information has been supported by the United Arab Emirates legal activist in his report which was posted on the ‘YouTube’ under the title ‘Scandal at the Karama organization at the Geneva Conference’.
The sources added: “This organization works under cover and distances itself as much as possible from the eyes of the media. This was proved last year when it prevented the media from covering its hostile activities towards Bahrain, the UAE, the Sultanate of Oman and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The organization has also gone on record for holding last September a conference of the Gulf opposition parties which was attended by the Bahraini opposition member Mariam Al-Khawaja, daughter of Abdul Hadi Al-Khawaja - the man who had planned the alleged coup in Bahrain. The conference was also attended by Iraqi Khaled Ibrahim who is married to one of the women leaders of Hezbollah.

The sources said the organization this month severely ‘attacked’ Saudi Arabia by honoring Dr Saud Mukhtar Al-Hashimi, who is accused by the Saudi authorities of funding terrorism and trying to overthrow the government. During the ceremony Saudi Arabia and its leadership were criticized.

The sources pointed out most leaders of this organization have a long history of supporting and financing terrorism, including the Algerian opposition member Mourad Dhenh, who is executive director of the organization, who was accused by former French Interior Minister Charles Pasqua of involvement in the arms trade which led to the Interpol issuing an arrest warrant against the man on the background of establishing relations with armed Muslim groups, which had carried out a series of terrorist attacks in France and Algeria.

According to the same sources and human rights activist, identified as Bin Thaleth, Kuwaiti member of the 2012 annulled Assembly Osama Al-Munawer was present at the conference of the Organization last September which is being convened annually at its headquarters in Geneva.

 The organization allegedly has good relations with the majority members of the annulled Parliament of Kuwait.

Bin Thaleth said Al-Munawer participated in the conference and received an award on behalf of Saudi dissident Saud Al-Hashimi.


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