Advanced states await the ‘wailers’

THE saying goes, ‘If Allah the Almighty put His curse on the ant, He also provided it with wings’. This is applicable to those who boycotted the recent National Assembly elections in the belief the world will put aside important issues and lend ears to their plight - the unfair practices during the recent elections as they allege.
This small group may think the Iranian nuclear file or the economic crisis in Europe is no longer a headache for the international community or the issue of the Parliament Speaker who has willingly thrown away his hammer is more important. They may think the Syrian bloodshed is less important than the parliamentary seats which they lost because with this loss they lost an opportunity to manipulate the overseas treatment file.

This group of wailers think their losses are bigger than all the world troubles. Isn’t it a joke to believe the US Congressmen are impatiently waiting to hold a session to discuss the plight of the group whose slogan was ‘But the Seat’?

Isn’t it a joke to believe the European Parliament will forego its priorities and look into the file of Kuwait - the file of some former lawmakers who had voluntarily decided to boycott the last elections?

Isn’t it a joke to believe the United Nations will put away issues of climate change, hunger in Africa, and a host of other international crises and take up the case of the former Parliament Speaker who has been legally toppled along with his companions?

What is funnier (as it will be seen at the end of the year) is the decision adopted at the seminar which was organized by former MP Ahmed Al-Saadoun and his colleagues to internationalize and explain to the world community their case and ask the world body to interfere in Kuwait and help them get back what they have lost. Kuwait has to make preparations from now on to face off an international diplomatic campaign and not suddenly fall prey to the UN Seventh Chapter when the group ‘But the Seat’ put its case in front of the UN body or the Security Council of the ‘heinous crimes’ committed by the government against humanity using banned international weapons.

Is this not what Al-Saadoun and his companions allege in front of the international community? Or, have they something else to say?

Will they say that they were MPs in a Parliament whose sessions they refused to attend because they accused some of their colleagues of receiving bribes and called it the ‘Parliament of Shame’?

Will they admit that it was the Constitutional Court that declared null and void the Parliament in which they had a majority?

Will they admit that they boycotted the elections voluntarily and provoked the people not to take part in the elections?

Will they admit that it is they who organized unlicensed rallies when they failed to convince the citizens to boycott the elections?

Will they admit that they used offensive language against the symbols of the country to achieve personal goals?

What will they tell the international community? Will they say they recruited a group of youths and adolescents to demonstrate in residential areas during the night and attack the securitymen and disturb people? Don’t they know they provoked the residents of these areas who demanded the authorities should ban such rallies in their areas?

Indisputably, the behavior of this group has made it lose its political glamour. The situation is that of a small child who is undecided about playing a game. The group refused to accept the decree of necessity which amended the voting pattern during the parliamentary elections because the members were certain of not winning a majority of seats in the Parliament. This was because the nation was fed up with this group and its malicious and childish manipulations. To add insult to injury, the group has used offensive language to describe the new lawmakers. The members of the group have demanded the dissolution of the new Parliament just because they did not take part in voting for it. When the members realized that life in Kuwait does not stop for any person, they thought of internationalizing the issue. The group has lost its way because of its pride. Pride kills.

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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