HH the Amir with the new Kuwait Cabinet
Amir tasks cabinet with development Crucial phase

KUWAIT, Dec 12: His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah on Wednesday swore in the newly-formed Cabinet of HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, and during the  swearing-in the Amir stressed the necessity of devoting special attention to boosting development.

In his address to Sheikh Jaber, who was re-named as the premier heading a new government, line-up of which was announced late on Tuesday, the Amir congratulated HH the premier for “heading the cabinet and sharing the responsibility.”

The Amir, who praised Sheikh Jaber for his efforts of forming the new government, also expressed gratitude to the former ministers, namely their faithfulness in the service in office.

“Enormous responsibilities lie ahead at this crucial phase of the history of our dear homeland, which is full of challenges,” the Amir said in his address to HH the premier and his ministers at the swearing-in ceremony. “Such responsibilities warrant doubling the effort and work to boost development, achieve comprehensive development and overcome obstacles, wiping out manifestations of corruption and updating public utilities and services such as health, education, power, water, roads, tackling pile-up of housing applications and speeding up process of securing houses for the citizens within a reasonable period of time as well as promoting level of the services.” HH Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad urged the ministers to devote special attention to the youth, secure all necessities and work chances for them to enable them be creative and contribute in the development, service and promotion of the homeland.” He also urged them to adhere to the constitution and ensure literal implementation of the laws.

“As we are on the threshold of a new legislative term of the National Assembly, we aspire with confidence and hope to fruitful and constructive cooperation between the legislative and executive authorities in an atmosphere distinguished with cordial sentiments, understanding and mutual keenness on tackling the various issues we have mentioned, as well as meeting aspirations of the citizens for further promotion and prosperity, development and prosperity of the homeland,” the Amir stated.

His Highness also expressed hope to see, during era of the new cabinet, a new chapter in the realm of economic progress, namely execution of key projects, expressing deep confidence in the new government.

Sheikh Jaber expressed gratitude to HH the Amir for expressing confidence in him and the ministers “to shoulder the responsibility during the new phase of the history or our dear homeland.” Sheikh Jaber stated that he, along with the ministers, would seek to meet aspirations of His Highness the Amir “and realize aspirations of all citizens through real and genuine achievements to push forward construction and development and push reforms and development toward further accomplishments.” The premier assured the Amir that and the ministers would spare no effort “to cooperate with every-one namely the National Assembly so that democracy would be bolstered as a method of action in face of challenges.”
 The new cabinet meanwhile convened Wednesday at Sief Palace, presided by the prime minister Sheikh Jaber.

The prime minister told the cabinet meeting in a brief speech that he valued the trust the Amir conferred on him and on members of his new cabinet, adding that he (i.e. the prime minister) and the new ministers will do their utmost to push ahead hard the wheel of growth and development.

Sheikh Jaber emphasized that the cabinet would work assiduously on promoting the imperative to keep intact the national unity, the rule of law, and providing the public with all its needs promptly and graciously.
He affirmed the absolute necessity that the government and the national assembly work in unison to achieve the nation’s highest goals. He underlined that a new stage should be implemented whereby slogans about applying the rule of law are translated into actual imposition of all laws on all citizens equally and without exceptions.

The prime minister stressed the government’s penchant to protect public funds and fight administrative corruption at all levels of the government hierarchy, in addition to giving all citizens equal opportunities to advance themselves.

Meanwhile, several MPs have welcomed the formation of the new government with promises of extending the hand of cooperation for the sake of Kuwait, but have also cautioned against committing violations.

MP Dr Masouma Al-Mubarak congratulated the Prime Minister and the new Cabinet members for the trust put in them by HH the Amir. She stressed, the ministers will be judged on their performance and not on prejudice or person.

She added, “We want to remind everyone about the principle of rule of law, respect for competency, equal opportunities for all and not following the principle of favoritism when it comes to appointments or offering tenders.” She added the MPs will not entertain lack of achievement.

MP Abdul-Hameed Dashti said he welcomes the formation of the new government in spite of his reservations on some ministers.

He called the formation ‘a smart choice’ which matched the choice of lawmakers, the government and its former allies.

MP Safaa Al-Hashem wished the Prime Minister and his government good luck and success. She said she is looking forward to a harmonious and healthy relationship which will help the country attain real progress without disruption.

She stressed the new Parliament will not be nice if laws are violated or hesitation is seen when it comes to implementing the laws to achieve desired social justice.

MP Adnan Abdul-Samad also said he hopes the new Parliament will extend the hand of cooperation to the new government for the sake of progress and joint work.

MP Abdullah Al-Mayouf said he hopes all lawmakers will cooperate with the government. He stressed the return of the Minister of Finance Mustafa Al-Shamali is a most welcome sign “because he is one of the most qualified and competent ministers — a victim of injustice in the past.”

MP Ali Al-Rashid congratulated the new ministers and stressed “we extend our hand of cooperation in the service of Kuwait.”

MP Essam Al-Dabbous said he hopes the formation of the new government will be a positive turning point in the history of the modern political life in Kuwait especially at the level of relationship between the two authorities – the Legislature and the Executive authority.

He stressed the lawmakers will not evaluate the government based on the names of ministers but on the achievements they offer to the country and the citizens.

Newly-appointed Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Thikra Al-Rashidi – the only minister to be picked from the elected MPs — expressed delight at her appointment in the new government. She said she is happy to take the ministerial post which is an opportunity to represent all Kuwait after gaining the trust of HH the Amir.

She pointed out the next stage needs achievements and seriousness. This cannot materialize without cooperation between the two authorities, she said.

She added, there are lot of files in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor which require solutions and development “and we will not relent to resolve any work that would lead to development in the next stage.”

Meanwhile, MP Saud Al-Hariji has announced the formation of a three-member conservative bloc in the new Parliament. The members are himself and MPs Hamad Al-Dousari and Mishari Al-Husseini.
Somewhere in the past, Al-Hariji was reported to have called for the formation of an Islamic bloc consisting of Islamists MPs.

In another development, first time MP Khaled Al-Shulaimi has threatened to grill the prime minister if he does not carry out his program. He stressed the need to implement all necessary demands and resolve issues which were raised in past.

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff and Agencies

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