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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 11: The decision-makers have taken the second step — with the naming of the new cabinet — after a marathon election that caught the attention of the entire world — an election which was declared free and fair by international observers.

The election has unmasked the fake and deceptive work of the members of the so-called nullified National Assembly who for several years have been posing as the sole representatives of Kuwaitis.
Based on the principles of ‘whatever must be done must be done’ and within the comprehensive strategy which is aimed at utilizing the available opportunity to embark on development — the development which has long been in captivity of ‘aggravation, tension and vendettas’, the decision-makers have set forth general guidelines for the next period.

One of the most notable guidelines is cooperation between the legislative and executive authorities on proper principles, different from how things were in the past.

In addition to that, the decision-makers have vowed devotion towards achievements and lack of bickering. The same circles say the current foundation on which things are built, is the government which has to be an active working government which exhausts all its efforts to complete desired plans and implement them in order to lift the country out of its prolonged stumble.

A majority of the new government are technocrats away from partisan politics, and instead devoting its supreme loyalty to Kuwait and its people.

There are no radical changes in major ministries which will ensure the success of the ministers in their new responsibilities, which is an indication of political stability.

The higher authority sources said, based on outcome of the elections and the picture of representation in the Parliament, the relationship between legislative and the executive authorities will be fruitful and wonderful.

In what seems like reflection of the previous heated and chaotic relations which nearly capsized the ‘boat’ all indications are only the providential intervention seized the hands of the ‘wayward groups’ before it was too late.

The sources added, the current Parliament, considering the level of competency, is capable of compensating for losses incurred by Kuwait over the past few years due to actions of the past parliaments.

Several lawmakers who have impeded development projects have projected successive governments as unproductive,

corrupt and only good for milking citizens thereby brightening their image in front of the people.
As for the next stage there is no more chance for such activities. Therefore the higher authority is extremely optimistic about the future and has affirmed that the wheel of development will move at a fast pace to compensate for what Kuwait has lost over the past few years.

With the return of the Parliament into its rightful legislative position devoid of people who looked for excuses to paralyze the nation and freeze development activities the future looks bright.

According to sources HH the Amir during a meeting with a large number of citizens, who renewed their allegiance to the ruling family, has promised to lead Kuwait back to the glory days.

The road is now open to execute and make good on the promise through plans and directives.
Experience has shown that the development wheel will definitely move forward. This has been exemplified through the amendment of the electoral system which is the first step through which the parliamentary representation is in the right perspective.

The decision has resolved lapses in the four votes system especially with regards to selling electoral loyalty via middlemen as well as tribal and sectarian affiliations.
In this aspect, the sources have reaffirmed that there is deep and painstaking review of all past incidents particularly employment opportunities which largely went to people who used wasta to get their way and later became readymade tools to provoke crisis when they attained supervisory positions.
They continue to depend on these lawmakers to assist them in times of truancy or dereliction of duty to the extent of leaking top work secrets and every minor issue going on in various ministries.
The government will now take decisive steps against people who have abused their positions against the interest of the nation and citizens particularly those who deliberately involve in clashes to soil the image of the country and hinder development.

The sources added the higher authority will show appreciation to every one who has been loyal to Kuwait particularly during the period when the one-vote system decision was taken.
The government will also stretch out a hand of fellowship to law makers who stood firm and turned their backs against crisis-provokers by responding to the call of the Amir to take part in elections.
The lawmakers will also respond appropriately to the demands of citizens in line with the contents of their election programs especially those which are related to development and housing giving priority to the loan issue to relieve the citizens of indebtedness through the National Assembly.
This will enable citizens to devote their full strength and creativity to work and rescue them from those who have been using their cases for political bargaining.

The sources added the government will show appreciation to candidates who have lost in the elections by using their professional expertise in their respective fields so that they will not feel they are left out of the race or that their loyalty to the nation cost them their popularity.

This is more important considering the fact that the trouble-makers have been portraying the candidates as avowed enemies and distorting their images as if they are criminals just because they took part in the elections in the best interests of the nation. The irrational trouble-makers are known for taking fights to the doorsteps of whoever does not tow their line.
In the same vein the sources asked what stops the Prime Minister from making use of those patriotic qualified people who have been certified to be clean because one good deed deserves another.
As per recent amendment of the voting system, the sources said that the higher authority anticipates the business personalities, traders and many other sectors to take bold steps even though many of them have exemplified their support to constitutional prerogatives of HH the Amir so others should follow suit since the country has achieved the objective.

It is in the highest interest, security and stability of Kuwait for the private sector to be active, move up and detach from negative activities of the past stage.
The country always strives hard to ensure cooperation in that sector as a means to ease the activities since it is the backbone of the national economy.
The sources stressed the government will review all defective laws which do not support the private sector by depicting the sector as mindful of benefits without considering the productivity.
This is a bad image that contradicts the reality because those who have struggled for 30 years to bring down business personalities and traders by labeling them ‘whales’ claiming they were responsible for swallowing the earnings of the citizens intended to blackmail all sectors including the private sector.
The sources continued that review of the Constitution will include mortgage law, build-operate-transfer (BOT), companies and housing in addition to other laws that has led to migration of local companies to neighboring states through which Kuwait has been experiencing brain-drain and investment flight in droves.

The sources concluded saying the higher authority is extremely optimistic about the future of the country and believes that the current National Assembly will complete the four-year term and the new government will be stable.
The government will also enjoy cordial relationship with the legislators which in return will greatly benefit Kuwait and Kuwaitis. The people will also forget the crisis-provokers who have impeded the development of the country and nearly destroyed the entire generation, if not for the sake of Allah and strong political determination as well as firm intervention that rescued the nation and returned it to the path of social and economic comfort and abundance.


By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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