‘Brotherhood groups in Kuwait, Egypt have consolidated ties’ 50-man group said to have entered country

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 11: Cooperation bet-ween members of the Muslim Brotherhood groups in Egypt and Kuwait is said to have reached an advanced stage, reports Al-Shahed daily.

The members are believed to be planning large scale demonstrations to spread chaos in the country.
The supreme leader of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood group Mohamed Badie has reportedly issued instructions to leaders of the movement to support their colleagues in Kuwait.

He is also said to have ordered his followers to send to Kuwait trained members of the group who are expert in dealing with the security authorities. It is also believed the members have been given detailed plans to deal with the situation.

The Al-Shahed daily has reportedly got a copy of the names of one batch of members which has arrived in the country to support their counterparts in Kuwait. The members of this batch will train members of Kuwait’s Muslim Brotherhood group how to organize demonstrations.

The list contains the names of 50 people who have entered the country on visit visas said to have been issued by private companies - companies owned by members of the Muslim Brotherhood group in Kuwait.

The fifty people have been divided into groups — the first group will look after the people taking part in the demonstrations, the second will protect members of the group participating in the demonstrations from the securitymen and ensure their safety and the third is tasked with ending demonstrations at a proper time to avoid being arrested.

Leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood group in Egypt is said to have held several meetings with their counterparts in Kuwait and in another unidentified Gulf state to chalk out a strategy for the next phase.
Meanwhile, sources close to the Muslim Brotherhood group have disclosed the ‘Al-Amal Association’, earlier known as the ‘Mohamed Morsi Campaign’ has started printing documents and provided material for nearly 200,000 Egyptians residing in Kuwait to take part in the referendum on the Constitution Wednesday to give the ‘YES’ verdict to Morsi, reports Al-Shahed daily.
Media sources wonder if Kuwaiti printing presses have the right to print without permission documents for a referendum that will take place in Egypt. The sources also say it is not the first time. It has happened before during the Egyptian presidential elections in support of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi.
The sources wonder ‘Where is our Minister of Information? Has the Publications Department at the Ministry of Information approved this or are there influential persons who control printing shops particularly since we know this process will require substantial funding in addition to the printing statistics.
The sources pointed out one of the printing shops in Shuwaikh print ballot papers which otherwise can only be printed in Egypt.


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