‘Chaos’ being planned - ‘Majority bloc behind scheme’

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 10: Some members of the annulled parliamentary majority bloc are planning to carry out a dangerous scheme at the behest of some third parties to provoke a state of chaos in the Kuwaiti nation and clashes among the Kuwaiti people, reports Al-Shahid daily.

According to informed sources, Sheikh Salem Al-Taweel said one of the secretaries of a former MP had revealed information about this scheme.

The secretary indicated that peaceful marches and sit-ins at Erada Square are useless and absurd, adding that the scheme finds clashes with Special Forces, urging youths and juveniles to organize night rallies and block streets, causing nuisance to the residents and destroying state property until the country reaches a state of instability and confusion much more effective.

Sources stressed that such a dangerous scheme is premeditated and backed by a small number of annulled parliamentary majority bloc as well as the Umma Party led by Muslim Brotherhood Movement.

They pointed out that these groups are taking advantage of some tribes who objected to the decree on the ‘one man one vote’ system as it is against their interests and reduces their seats in the Parliament.

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