‘Bloc’ eyes new faces ‘Al-Nibari doesn’t consider others opinion’

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 10: A number of members from Democratic Platform Bloc submitted a demand to hold a meeting for discussing the possibility of forming a new secretariat-general to change old faces including former MP Abdullah Al-Nibari, reports Al-Shahed daily.

Those who submitted the demand claimed that Al-Nibari does not consider the opinion of the secretariat and implements only his opinion even if it is against the bloc’s opinion.

They indicated that Al-Nibari does not discuss this issue, as he is afraid he will be expelled from presiding over the bloc due to some random decisions that were taken without referring the general assembly of the bloc.

Meanwhile, sources revealed that announcement about a new Islamic parliamentary bloc will be made soon, indicating that this bloc is aimed to achieve reform and support democracy in line with the Islamic Sharia without causing any harm to the principles of other religions. They added that this bloc will also keep away from issues that could provoke chaos and sectarianism.

They revealed that the bloc might include MPs Ali Al-Omair, Abdulrahman Al-Jeran, Hamad Al-Dosari, Khalid Al-Shlaimi, Khalid Al-Odwah and Saood Al-Hareeji, who had announced earlier that he is keen on forming an Islamic bloc.

In another development, sources revealed that one of the public authorities, which was formed few years ago to follow up on electoral activities, represents the Muslim Brotherhood Movement even though it publicly alleges that it is independent.

They indicated that this society receives subsidy from the government and other authorities, adding that the top officials from Islamic Constitutional Movement gave the green signal for it to attack members of the nullified majority bloc as well as members of ICM so that the latter is not suspected.

Furthermore, former MP Fahad Al-Khana affirmed that some members from the nullified majority bloc are responsible for the rallies and demonstrations that were held in the country recently. However, these rallies affected them negatively, particularly those that were held in residential areas.

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