Rubbish lying in various areas of Abbasiya.
Rubbish moved within Abbasiya Problems galore

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 10: Angry Abbasiya residents have complained that wastes collected from various locations in the area are being dumped in an open ground in Abbasiya, leading to health concerns and a frustrating realization that cleaning companies are just circulating waste within Abbasiya.

The problem of overflowing drainage has been temporarily resolved in some parts, while the problem persists in other parts of Abbasiya, they added.

“It is impossible to walk through Abbasiya without closing the nose, and the new dump yard close to a clinic only sheds light on the indifference of authorities to the concerns of Abbasiya residents.”

Recently a new member of NORKA Welfare Board, Varghese Puthukulangara, had taken up the issue with high level politicians in Kerala, India, following reports in the Arab Times.

Varghese told the Arab Times that the Chief Minister of Kerala, Oomen Chandi, had requested the Indian Embassy through his representative, who was on a visit to Kuwait then, to look into the matter and find a suitable solution. Further, he added that the Indian Embassy had met with Kuwait’s municipality officials to find a solution to the poor waste management.

Waste had been piling up at various locations in Kuwait due to a change of contract between the municipality and the cleaning company. This had led to the temporary non-disposal of waste for a few days, in many parts of Kuwait, including Abbasiya. With the new cleaning company fully functional, waste clearance is back on track. However, it has not put an end to the woes of Abbasiya residents, who now claim that wastes cleared from one locality in Abbasiya are being dumped in another.

Residents complained that over the last few years, the population density in Abbasiya has increased manifolds. “We now have apartment buildings that are 10-storeys and more, housing in excess 40 apartments, while there is room to park only 5 or 6 cars at each of these buildings.” The residents were hinting that building plans were being passed unlawfully, leading to more cramming.

Further they complained that the garbage containers in the various locations are too small for the daily waste that accumulates in such densely populated areas. This is the reason that we see mounds of garbage that spill out of the containers and almost burying them up.

Moreover, the small shops in the area are not provided with separate garbage collection containers as per government regulations. Rotten vegetables, wooden boxes, packing materials and gunny bags among other things, which form a part of the waste, mix up with domestic wastes. Fish and meat shops are forced to dispose of the organic waste in the same containers, emanating unbearable smell.

Compounding the problem are the rats and dogs, which scavenge out of these containers, spreading the waste around. The dogs are also a source of nuisance for children, as they are ferocious and scare them.


By: Valiya S. Sajjad Arab Times Staff

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