Opposition sets Erada ‘sleep-in’

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 9: The Court of Cassation suspended on Sunday a rule by the Court of Appeals stipulating disqualification of Khaled Al-Shulaimi and Khalaf Dumaitheer as members of the National Assembly, reported state news agency KUNA.

The court decided that, considering “circumstances of the two contestations”, it decided to suspend the relevant contested verdicts pending a final rule — therefore the two MPs retain their parliamentary membership pending a final ruling by the court of cassation.

Furthermore, the prosecution on Sunday released 14 of those detained during nightly marches organized by the opposition, on bail of KD 1,000 each. They are accused of participating in illegal demonstrations, damaging security vehicles, stealing security devices and causing injuries.

Meanwhile, opposition organizers of the ‘Nation’s Dignity’ movement called for a sleep-in at Al-Erada Square Saturday evening, the night before the inaugurating session of the 14th legislative term on Dec 16. Consultations between the executive and legislative authority is continuing this week for a new Cabinet formation.

“In continuation of our peaceful movement, we call the people of Kuwait for a Sleep-In at Erada square on Sat 15-12,” stated ‘KarametWatan’ (Nation’s Dignity) organizers on Twitter. They amended their title to ‘Nation’s Dignity sleep-in’.

MP Mubarak Al-Oruf called on the Ministry of Interior to “apply wisdom and refrain from the security option in dealing with youth demonstrators in their illegal marches. He cited the need to adopt the principle of dialogue with them, “especially since they are the sons of Kuwait and we all have a responsibility to safeguard their lives.”

Agencies add:
The new parliament, almost entirely dominated by pro-government MPs, was elected on December 1 amid a massive boycott by the opposition in protest at the government’s amendment of Kuwait’s electoral law.
Following the election, the Islamist, nationalist and liberal opposition has called for the new parliament to be abolished, describing it as “illegitimate” because it was elected on the basis of the amendment.
It was not immediately known if the interior ministry would authorise the new protest but organisers said they have alternative plans.
Opposition supporters demonstrated on Saturday, demanding fresh elections on the basis of the previous law followed by dialogue with the government on reforms.
And youth activists taking part in protests clashed with police for five consecutive nights last week.
Kuwait has been rocked by a series of political crises since mid-2006, with the cabinet having resigned 10 times and parliament having been dissolved on six occasions.

By: Nihal Sharaf Arab Times Staff

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