I have a question I hope you can resolve. I’ve been trying repeatedly for over a year to contact the orphanage in Kuwait to volunteer, however I get no response from the number listed on the Net. Why is the Kuwaiti government so ashamed of the orphanage and try to keep it a secret? The Quran clearly states in many places to help the orphans and that is what I’m trying to do. I believe I have some qualifications that may help many children, and Inshallah, that’s what I would like to do. Can you provide an intelligent answer to my question, I will forever be grateful.

Name withheld
Answer: I
t’s not a question of being ashamed or hiding anything. It’s just that, like all the other facilities in the country you can’t approach any government club or society directly, unlike such private institutions.
So, in case of the orphanage, even if you were able to get through to some senior official at the orphanage you will not be allowed to talk to anyone or volunteer your services unless you go through the Public Relations Dept at the Ministry of Social Affairs  & Labor. So call up the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor and it is possible you may get permission to volunteer your services.

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