Critical files reopened: MP ‘Get approval to revive probe panel’

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 7: MP Nawaf Al-Fezai’ revealed that the lawmakers of the new Parliament reopened critical files including that of the multimillion funds case and few former and current lawmakers will be called to testify in the case as well as that of the dual citizenship and naturalization, reports Al-Rai daily.
During a press conference held on Thursday evening, MP Nawaf Al-Fezai’ stressed the importance of obtaining approval from the lawmakers to revive the Investigation Committee in charge of the multimillion case, provided the investigation will include the period from which HH Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed occupied the premiership in 2006.

He revealed that he will summon former and current lawmakers particularly those who were referred to the Public Prosecution to listen to their testimonies, stressing that he along with a number of MPs and lawyers are ready to voluntarily defend the current Parliament in the Constitutional Court.

He indicated that the government should submit a schedule regarding the projects to be achieved under the surveillance of the National Assembly, adding, “We will not accept any governmental statements about projects without identifying realistic schedules.”

He affirmed that he will not hesitate to use the constitutional tool when necessary, stressing that the premier HH Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak should focus on allotting appropriate solutions to important files such as corruption, naturalization and dual citizenship, in the coming phase.

He said the new Cabinet should be formed based on levels of efficiency, specification and experience and not discrimination and partiality, adding that the Parliament will keep close eye on the ministers particularly those from the nullified majority bloc.

Meanwhile, sources said  Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak should renew his Cabinet by replacing approximately six ministers with new ones.
They indicated that the premier is studying the opinions of lawmakers to recruit one among them for the position of Deputy Premier and State Minister for Parliament Affairs, adding that MP Ahmad Al-Mulaifi is probably the most prominent lawmaker for such a position.

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