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Dashti condemns opposition for inciting youth Interior nod to Saturday rally

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 7: “December 8 will be a decisive day for the Kuwaiti nation and will be proudly remembered by the present and future generations of Kuwait”, says former opposition lawmaker and spokesperson for Development and Reform Bloc Faisal Al-Mislim.

Al-Mislim reminisced about his grilling request against the former prime minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Sabah on Dec 8, 2009, stressing that it was the day when ‘the nation began unraveling the biggest corruption scandals’.

He pointed out that the security forces attacked the participants of the rally held in the diwaniya of former MP Jama’an Al-Harbash on Dec 8, 2010, adding, “The nation protested against the oppressive methods used by the authority”

He declared that Kuwaiti youths from different political and social groups will organize the ‘Nation’s Dignity 4’ rally on Dec 8 to restore people’s power and urged their supporters to participate in the march, stressing that people have the right to reject the ‘one man one vote’ decree and the new parliament.
Al-Mislim indicated that the thousands who participated in the previous rallies had sent the best possible message to the authority on the unpopularity of the decree and their call for new elections.

In this context, the Interior Minister has permitted the Opposition to stage the rally on Saturday from Safir International Hotel to Kuwait Towers Square from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm. A similar march was held last Friday by thousands of participants in protest against the decree and to call for new elections.

Meanwhile, security forces arrested several youth activists who organized night demonstrations on the streets of the residential areas of Sabahiya, Sabah Al-Nasser and some areas within Jahra Governorate. The youths started such demonstrations last Monday with the vow to continue nightly protests until their demands were met.

Several protestors and security officials sustained injuries when security forces reportedly used tear gas, stun grenades and hot water spray to disperse the defiant protesters. There are also reports that some of the protesters were seen holding guns during one of the nightly demonstrations.

In a related issue, Shiite MP Abdulhameed Dashti has condemned the opposition for inciting youths to protest in residential areas, which has resulted in havoc, terror and riots in these areas.

Dashti said these activities were crimes punishable by law and urged the authorities to not only arrest and pursue the youths and juveniles participating in these protests but also rope in their leaders who are responsible for planning and instigating such protests

Meanwhile, Dashti announced he will put himself up for nomination to the Legislation and Foreign Committees, adding that he hoped MPs would be elected into the committees based on their specializations in order to bring about quality contributions.

He assured that the new parliament was elected to initiate development in the nation and avoid destruction and division that some previous parliaments contributed to the nation.

Furthermore, Shiite MP Khalil Al-Salah stressed the need to activate the ‘Arms Collection’ law, adding that he is planning to bring this issue to the parliament if he wins membership to the Interior and Defense Committee.

“After seeing armed youthful protestors, we should make sure the matter does not get out of hand. We have to protect our country”, insists Al-Salah.

He blamed the opposition for instigating these illegal protests, adding, “Such lawlessness shown by youths and teenagers in organizing midnight protests in the residential areas is unacceptable.”
He urged the security authorities to prevent such protests and secure the lives of the residents of Kuwait.
MP Zikra Al-Rashidi also urged all citizens to work for national unity, urging, “We as citizens including those who participated or boycotted the elections are required, as a democratic stance, to work together to build the nation and move it forward.”

She warned against crisis and troubles that are against the interests of the nation, stressing, “Those who want to exercise their right to oppose must do so within the constitutional framework, else the country will turn into anarchy.”

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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