Election process fair; need to liberate nation

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 5: Your Highness, here are your people who have responded to your call and worked on what their religion had asked them to do. They have approached the ballot boxes, unmindful of the discordant voices that tried to dissuade them from doing so.

Your Highness, you have seen the ‘product’ of the election — a new National Assembly with members who hold doctorate degrees and higher certificates, not to mention their strong presence in the community. These MPs have vowed to work in the interest of Kuwait and its people, but they cannot do so unless the government cooperates with them. The government needs to stand along side the people, not those who have been trying to implement suspicious agendas over the years. 

This Assembly wants a government which facilitates the implementation of projects, not one with officials who leak information to be used by the members of the ‘disappointment group’ to achieve their goals and to block the implementation of State projects. It does not want a government with members whose hearts are at the Erada Square where several previous government administration officials met for demonstrations and sit-ins. The new Assembly wants a government which takes the necessary action against employees who do not report for work just to attend demonstrations and marches, yet they get promoted and receive overseas treatment privileges due to ‘wasta’ (influence). It wants a government which implements the law, instead of committing violations.

Our Guardian, we had previously said this and we will say it again; in the 1930s, Kuwait was about to fall into the greedy hands of Iraq but due to the decisiveness and wisdom of your father, the country had managed to restrain the bushwhackers. The same happened in 1990 with your brother. Due to his wisdom and excellent administration skills, Kuwait was saved from the mouths of wild Iraqi invaders.
Your Highness, you have also rescued Kuwait, through the measures you have taken, from the insane risk-takers with foreign agendas. You have seen the people of Kuwait — old and young -gathered around you with one voice of obedience.

Your Highness, we entered a new period in our country’s history after the elections yielded fair results. For justice to be complete, it is imperative to liberate your people from the ‘ruff necks’ created by the Assembly of disappointments in the last 20 years. This Assembly had hindered the course of people’s lives and hampered development projects. In fact, the members of this Assembly had opposed every strategic project presented by the State through weak arguments. We are now reaping thorns planted by this parliamentary group which had nothing in mind but to deceive the people and dominate the State institutions, up to the extent of fending off local and foreign investments.

Your Highness, numerous countries, which have less revenues than Kuwait, have risen above the dire effects of the economic crisis that hit the entire world in 2008. These countries have boosted their economies through financial stimulus packages and investments using public funds or money from tax payers.

On the other hand, Kuwait remains in the swamp of blackmail and threats against the consecutive governments; while its legislative authority has been transformed into an investigation department dealing with fabricated and deceptive files, leaving the economy to suffer. Actually, some members of the group of aggravators have from performing its duties.

Since 2008, almost 100,000 citizens have been suffering from the deterioration of the stock market due to limited flow of funds. Several companies have collapsed because the State has shut down certain channels which fund projects. Is the coma that the national economy has gone through not long enough?

Your Highness, you promised us that Kuwait will retain its pioneering status in all aspects and here is the new Assembly which has extended its arms to cooperate with everyone. These MPs have answered the call to assist you sincerely and truthfully. They are ready to rectify mistakes which came as natural results of weak governments intimidated by blackmailing politics and interpellations in any dispute, in which the other party used all weapons to wreak havoc and escalate tension.

We will not be revealing a secret when we say the weakness of the government had prompted some people to adopt agendas meant to threaten the executive authority and violate the symbols of Kuwait; in addition to tarnishing the reputation of the ruling family while focusing on election by regarding it as a magic wand through which they can get everything. They have taken all these actions instead of ratifying laws, ensuring proper implementation of laws, and fighting corruption like what other democratic countries have been doing. We have seen slackness in confronting the organized destruction operations orchestrated by the group that drove the country towards the brink of collapse. Had it not been for your intervention at the right time, the country would have disappeared.

Oh, Your Highness, the new Parliament has to address a lot of issues; not only the development projects or stimulus packages, but also the housing problem. This issue has gotten worse due to the absence of strategic plans and the obstacles put in front of companies working in the sector, either through long and tiring parliamentary sessions or discouraging contractors by ignoring their demands.

It is not surprising to know that many citizens have been suffering over the last 20 years due to the lack of housing care. Isn’t this one of the priorities which must be dealt with immediately? The new Assembly needs the cooperation of the government to find lasting solutions to these problems.

Other issues that require immediate attention include the accumulated debts which had negatively affected almost 100,000 citizens. In neighboring nations, the debt issue is not a crisis like it is in our country. The State can ease the burden of its citizens, some of whom have been imprisoned because of minor debts. They have been suffering for years as they have fallen prey to those trading with their ambitions and hopes by getting their votes in every election.

These citizens need your compassion. We call upon you to solve their problem in the name of equality and justice and this can be achieved whenever you desire. This is contrary to the fabricated stories of some members of the previous government and certain officials who are afraid of those controlling them behind the scene. Equality and fairness will relieve these citizens from their social problems,
considering there are solutions which will not cost the government much and will be beneficial to the State.

Our Guardian, we are not saying something new when we say there is no way to get out of this crisis unless the legislative and executive authorities fully cooperate. The latter should also emancipate itself from the infiltration of people who impose their agendas on it, rendering it slow to react in what is best for the country and for the people; up to the extent that it puts the nation into the hands of the groups of aggravators, blackmailers and manipulators.

The previous governments had closed every window of hope in the face of the people who had no option but to seek salvation through sectarian and tribal means. These governments had, at some point, surrendered all their tools to those who have been ‘milking’ the authority to serve personal interests. This is why every citizen wants to be liberated from the empire of ‘wastas’ (influence), hoping for protection of the State and its institutions from transgressions that have become the breeding grounds for corruption.

My Guardian, this nation, which had responded to your call is now asking, “What stops a country like Kuwait that has huge income per year and a huge surplus from solving its economic problems and reviving its economy through the development of its industrial and commercial infrastructure and injecting KD 5 or 6 billion into its economy to remove any black spot from its past experiences? What stops its people from focusing on work and productivity, instead of wasting time on futile arguments that made everyone appear like a constitutional expert?” This phenomenon is the direct result of ‘optional unemployment’ caused by previous national assemblies that lacked policies and legislation as they offered nothing but deception to keep people busy.
Your Highness, the people of Kuwait can easily let bygones be bygones as long as there is progress and if the country liberates itself from the past nightmare. However, all these can be achieved only through the National Assembly whose obligation is to focus on protecting the welfare of Kuwait. This is what most of the new MPs intend to do, something which is expected from the government, too.
Your Highness, your people always depend on you based on the manner by which the nation responded to your call. You are keen on realizing their ambitions provided the motives are safe, both in the government and the National Assembly which are considered two wings of the rule.

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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