One man one vote system increased corruption: Jame Al Wazem defends poll boycott

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 4: We have no regrets for boycotting the parliamentary elections and we are honored the current parliament does not include any MP from our tribe, Alam Al-Yawm quoted the Ameer of Awazem Tribe Falah bin Jame’ as saying.

At a dinner party held in Sabah Al-Salem recently, bin Jame’ said he’s the reason the lawmakers from the tribe are not represented in the current National Assembly. He said the tribe is known for its patriotism and nobody can doubt that, besides their support for Al-Sabah ruling family. He stressed that boycotting the just-ended elections doesn’t mean the tribe is against the ruling family, “it’s only against corruption”.

He added that ‘one vote per one voter’ system only increased corruption, particularly the crime of vote buying. He stressed that the tribe does not want to be represented in the Cabinet by any minister from the tribe, indicating any minister from the tribe will represent himself and not the tribe.

In another development, the Shiite MPs gathered in the diwaniya of MP Saleh Ashour to coordinate on the post of Parliament Speaker and the committees.

They also presented their priorities for the coming phase at the meeting.

Informed sources said all 17-Shiite lawmakers will support MP Ali Al-Rashed to occupy the speaker of parliament position, and MP Adnan Abdulsamad for the post of Deputy Parliament Speaker deputy, as MP Maasouma Al-Mubarak has been alienated from running for the post.

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