Failure forbidden!

AFTER the most peaceful parliamentary elections in the history of Kuwait, the entire nation should grab the opportunity to achieve development goals in all levels; particularly the executive, legislative and surveillance authorities. The recently-concluded election was definitely the calmest in Kuwait’s history because we did not hear loud voices or threats. We did not see anyone participating in illegal primaries, unlike the previous elections under the four-vote system that paved the way to the degradation of citizens’ votes through the exchange of favors and rampant vote-buying. We now have a youthful Parliament which does not include the representatives of tension and crises.

It is now the government’s turn as its head has been instructed to choose new Cabinet members impartially by focusing on skills and experience. He has to choose ministers according to these criteria especially since the previous government did not achieve anything. We are clamoring for achievements! Yes, we are in dire need of tangible achievements in the government which should implement vital projects and spend public money wisely. The previous government lacked the ability to take sound decisions. It had always justified failures by claiming that the crisis-provokers targeted its ministers as part of their strategy to manipulate the political scene for their own good.

The previous government made excuses through the crisis-provokers who have become a thing of the past. Definitely, these crisis-provokers will create a lot of noise against the new Parliament in the beginning but they will calm down later because there is no immunity to be used as cover. We will then remind them of the Egyptian adage, “You put yourselves in that position.” I perceive the mission of the executive authority, along with the new Parliament which, they say, is pro-government, has become harder because the way towards achievement has been paved. Under such circumstances, what would be the plea of the government?

We want to tell the government that we will not tolerate negligence or delays. We will not be lenient towards the authority and the lawmakers whom we elected. We will take the necessary action if they fail to accomplish their tasks in accordance with the Constitution. All of us will monitor your progress...failure is forbidden and the necessary action will be taken once you fail!


By: Ali Al-Baghli

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