Bernardo shows class to capture crown Ragma, Al Mutawah best in professional category

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 5: Nhett Bernardo shot straight and true to capture the “To the Rear, To the fore” crown in the weekly fun shooting competition Tuesday evening at the Mayadeen Shooting Range in Subhan. Bernardo was so good that he was one of the only two shooters — the other being FAST Tournament Director Faisal Al Zaid — who managed to achieve an over-3 hit factor among the amateurs although two gunmen in the Professional category — which was packed this week — managed to get an over-5 hit factor with two others compiling an over-4 hit factor. This fun shoot would not have been a success without the commitment of the Filipino Action Shooting Team (FAST) officers, led by FAST President Chito Lamigo who is currently on holidays — guided by Eric Ragma one of the finest Range Officers in the arena to ensure safety — with the support of Range Director Gen. Ahmed Al Saleem.

“To the Rear, To the fore” course of fire was another bright idea of FAST Tournament Director Raja Sulaiman who made sure to come early and set up the course which brought out the best in most of the shooters who enjoyed the challenge posed by the event. The shoot, at the start, required the gun to be in Condition 2 — magazine inserted in the gun which was holstered with the spare magazine in the pouch. At the start it was mandatory for the gunmen to move from the right to the left. The initial stage saw 3 targets behind a low fence, two of these targets were at 12 meters while the middle target had been set at 7 meters. The gunslingers were required to move backwards while engaging these targets with failure to do so costing them points as they would be slapped with a procedural error.

They had then to move to their left side, where awaited two targets that required to be engaged through a tire from about 12 meters.They had then to move further to the left where there were 3 more targets which had to be engaged through a window. These targets were set at 7-12 meters with the last two targets on the extreme left required to be engaged while the gunmen was on the move towards them but they had to complete the process before they reached the charge line, which was a low fence set at 7 to 12 meters. No movement would again cost the shooters a procedural error.

All the targets had to be engaged in double tap and with 10 targets to be tackled the gunmen had to use 20 shots. An aggregate scoring method was applied to calculate the final score of each competitor with a bullet in Apha earning 5 points, while hits in Bravo and Charlie brought 3 and Delta 1 points respectively but the shooters could also earn a lot of penalties as a miss and a procedural error saw a deduction of 10 points each. The total score was then divided by the time taken to complete the shoot to arrive at the final average of each competitor. Nhett Bernardo made sure to keep the name of the “Bernardo” Brothers on the list and of winners as the more well known brother Lambert is on holidays although Nhett is a shooter in his own right, having won a number of tournaments. He shot so well and he had such a steady arm that his bullets landed in all the right places to earn him 16 Alpha, 3 Charlie and 1 Delta in an excellent time of 22.99 seconds for a 3.9147 hit factor.

FAST Tournament Director Faisal Al Zaid needs no introduction as he has already proved himself a number of times. This week he got rid of his “lucky Santa Hoodlum” look but that failed to stop him from getting the best time of the evening once again when he clocked 19.93 seconds while collecting 11 Alpha, 5 Charlie and 3 Delta but a maverick bullet pulled his score down although he finished with an excellent 3.1611 hit factor and with it second place.
FAST Tournament Director Hiroaki Izumi could have achieved a better position if he had not incurred a procedural error when he failed to move backwards while shooting. This, however, did not stop him from getting a place in the “Magical 3” as his bullets brought him 10 Alpha, 7 Charlie and 3 Delta in a brilliant time of 22.08 seconds for a 2.8986 hit factor.
Izumi who never fails to give the course another go when time permits was fast on his feet the second time round to finish the course 18.31 seconds but he sacrificed accuracy for speed for he missed a shot and placed the rest of the bullets in 5 Alpha, 10 Charlie and 4 Delta for a 2.6761 hit factor.
FAST Tournament Director Mohammed Al Sadoon, who had two spare magazines to load up which pushed his time to 29.20 seconds said “I am a good dancer” when the “gang” of Sarah Butler, Mohammed Al Shatti and Faisal Al Zaid demonstrated how things should be done while moving both backwards and forward. Despite the dance lesson Al Sadoon gave the others, he managed a perfect shoot with 10 Alpha, 9 Charlie and 1 Delta that brought him a 2.6712 hit factor.

FAST Tournament Director Raja Sulaiman wonderfully collected the highest number of Alphas of the evening when 17 bullets hit this mark and registered a place in the “Tough 5” as a gift for his buddies from the “Three Musketeers” group — Chris Veitch and Richard Swan who did not compete this week. Sulaiman also got 1 Bravo, 1 Charlie and a miss that gave him a 2.3754 hit factor.
FAST Vice-President Cesar Isidro was wearing his “lucky shoes” as he completed the run in 23.61 seconds but he also displayed a steady shooting arm which saw him put 8 shots in Alpha, 6 in Charlie and 5 in Delta while getting 1 miss that handed him a 2.2448 hit factor.
Abdulrahman Abubakar was the last shooter to register his name on the “Magnificent 7” list when he shot very well to earn 13 Alpha, 3 Charlie, 3 Delta and a miss in 31.02 seconds for a 2.1599 hit factor.
This week only three gentlemen maintained their place on the Magnificent 7 Lists- -FAST Tournament Directors Faisal Al Zaid, Hiroaki Izumi and Mohammed Al Sadoo, who were joined by Nhett Bernardo, Raja Sulaiman, Cesar Isidro and Abdulrahman Abubakar. They replaced Malik Javed Iqbal, Ronil Garcia, Boris Prodanov and Lambert Bernardo who is out in the country on holidays.

FAST Tournament Director Mohammed Al Kout was back on the range after a month of holidays and proved that he was not suffering from “holiday blues” when his bullets landed in 11 Alpha, 7 Charlie and 2 Delta in 36.56 seconds that made him the last gunslinger to register an over-2 average when he compiled a 2.1335 hit factor.
FAST Secretary Ronil Garcia saw his performance as he generated a 1.8909 hit factor based on 12 Alpha, 3 Charlie, 3 Delta and 2 misses in 27.50 seconds which brought him 9th place.
Round off the top 10 was Malik Javed Iqbal but he lost his place in the Men’s lineup when he shot 10 Alpha, 2 Bravo and 6 Charlie while getting 2 misses in 28.87 seconds that saw him walk home with a 1.8705 hit factor.
Mohamad Ali Luna was not too bad as he collected a 1.7508 hit factor composed of 7 Alpha, 7 Charlie, 5 Delta and 1 miss in 29.13 seconds.

Aniceto Manangan, who was the 2nd shooter to tackle the course, had a good run as he put together 9 Alpha, 9 Charlie and 1 Delta but he had 1 miss and 1 procedural error — when he halted at one point in the mandatory shooting while moving — while finishing the course in 33.80 seconds.
Abdullah Tawfiqi missed a shot and also earned a procedural error when he failed to move while engaging one of the targets that handed him a 1.5563 hit factor when the rest of the bullets landed in 10 Alpha, 6 Charlie and 3 Delta.
Hussain Al Salem was fast on his feet as he finished the course in 29.40 seconds but in the effort he sacrificed accuracy, missing 3 shots although he placed the rest of the bullets in 10 Alpha, 4 Charlie and 3 Delta that saw him walk home with a 1.1905 hit factor.

Boris Prodanov signed out this week from the “Magnificent 7” as he did not appear to be in his best form and managed only a 1.1310 hit factor composed of 10 Alpha, 5 Charlie, 3 Delta and 2 misses in 42.44 seconds.
Sarah Butler, the only lady who had the guts to tackle the course, was fast on her feet despite wearing a “dress and boots”. She managed a 1.0582 hit factor when she completed the run in 32.13 seconds while earning 5 Alpha, 1 Bravo, 7 Charlie, and 5 Delta with 2 misses.
FAST Tournament Director Mohammed Al Shatti recorded his fastest run in his own history of fun shoots when he went over the course in 25.93 seconds but he could not achieve his best score. Al Shatti has been in the “Men’s lineup” quite a few times but this time he could only achieve a 0.8870 hit factor as he hit 7 Alpha, 4 Charlie, 6 Delta and 3 misses.

For Yousif Dawood this was the second time to participate in the shoots but he did well for he collected a 0.6942 hit factor when his bullets brought him 9 Alpha, 5 Charlie, 2 Delta and 4 misses in 31.69 seconds.
On the other hand, two gunslingers fell short on the targets. Abdullah Guinda was the first one to go over the course but he earned 4 misses and 2 procedural errors when he failed to move while shooting. Guinda gave the course another go but it seemed a tough course for him because this time he missed 8 shots when he tried to improve his time to finish the event in 17.29 seconds. Lee Hae Yoon, who has been invisible at the range for over 3 months, was the other gunman not to do well as he seemed to have misplaced his grip and collected 7 misses.
Meanwhile, this week saw the longest list of Professional shooters competing in a fun shoot as 7 of them were at the range to show the amateurs how things should be done.
Eric Ragma once again displayed the brilliance that has made him one of the finest range officers in the arena when he stamped his authority on the course and finished the run in 15.13 seconds while putting together 13 Alpha, 6 Charlie and 1 Delta for a 5.5519 hit factor.

Waleed Al Mutawah, the youngest yet one of the most admired gunslingers in the class, registered the fastest time of 15 seconds while getting a perfect shoot with 10 Alpha, 8 Charlie and 2 Delta for a 5.0667 hit factor. Al Mutawah went for a 2nd time and collected an amazing 5.7746 hit factor composed of 12 Alpha, 7 Charlie and 1 Delta. This time he took only 14.20 seconds to finish the course but 2nd attempts do not count towards the competition.
Jarrah Al Adwani pulled together the highest number of Alpha — 18 and 2 Charlie but he was 5 seconds behind the Ragma and Al Mutawah —20.59 seconds — that gave him a 4.6625 hit factor. Al Adwani tried to speed up on his 2nd run and finished in 15.88 seconds but he missed5 shots and gathered 10 Alpha, 3 Charlie and 2 Delta for a 0.6927 hit factor.

It was Ali Al Zaabi’s first time to participate in the fun shoots but he achieved an excellent 4.6146 hit factor when he collected 15 Alpha, 4 Charlie and 1 Delta in 19.07 seconds to show that he was not new to guns.
Jhun Ramirez misplaced 2 bullets which is not his norm but collected 10 alpha, 6 Charlie and 2 Delta in 18.41 seconds that gave him a 2.7159 hit factor. Nasser Al Dehani’s initial participation saw him draw a 0.3670 hit factor when his bullets landed in 7 Alpha, 7 Charlie, 3 Delta, 3 misses and 2 procedural errors when he failed to move while shooting. He completed the course in 24.52 seconds. For Max Torres — one of the range officers — it was also the first time to join the fun shoot but he fell short and walked home with no score as he collected 6 misses and 3 procedural errors when he stopped while shooting.

Meanwhile, FAST officials have announced that all newcomers wishing to participate in the weekly shoot must come to the range well ahead of time for a “dry run” over the course. The aim of this dry run is to ensure the newcomers safety as well as that of all those present at the range. Those newcomers who fail to turn up for this dry run will not be allowed to take part in the actual competition. On the other hand, FAST officials would like to invite everyone on Tuesday evenings to their shooting competitions at the Mayadeen Shooting Range in Subhan. The FAST Family would like to wish FAST Tournament Director Chris Veitch a Happy Happy Birthday on 8th December as he enters the “Golden” Age.—Best Wishes from YMK & JG.

‘To the Rear, To the Fore’ Standings
Rank    Name    Time    A    B    C    D    Miss    Proc    Points    Hit Factor
    1    Nhett Bernardo    22.99    16         3    1              90     3.9147
    2    Faisal Al Zaid    19.93    11         5    3    1         63     3.1611
    3    Hiroaki Izumi    22.08    10         7    3         1    64     2.8986
    4    Mohammed Al Sadoon    29.20    10         9    1              78     2.6712
    5    Raja Sulaiman    34.10    17    1    1         1         81     2.3754
    6    Cesar Isidro    23.61    8         6    5    1         53     2.2448
    7    Abdulrahman Abubakar    31.02    13         3    3    1         67     2.1599
    8    Mohammed Al Kout    36.56    11         7    2              78     2.1335
    9    Ronil Garcia    27.50    12         3    3    2         52     1.8909
    10    Malik Javed Iqbal    28.87    10    2    6         2         54     1.8705
    11    Mohamad Ali Luna    29.13    7         7    5    1         51     1.7508
    12    Aniceto Manangan    33.80    9         9    1    1    1    53     1.5680
    13    Abdullah Tawfiqi    32.77    10         6    3    1    1    51     1.5563
    14    Hussain Al Salem    29.40    10         4    3    3         35     1.1905
    15    Boris Prodanov    42.44    10         5    3    2         48     1.1310
    16    Sarah Butler    32.13    5    1    7    5    2         34     1.0582
    17    Mohammed Al Shatti    25.93    7         4    6    3         23     0.8870
    18    Yousif Dawood    31.69    9         5    2    4         22     0.6942
    19    Abdullah Guinda    29.57    6         8    2    4    2    -4     -0.1353
    20    Lee Hae Yoon    62.05    3    2    5    3    7         -31     -0.4996

    1    Eric Ragma    15.13    13         6    1              84     5.5519
    2    Waleed Al Mutawah    15.00    10         8    2              76     5.0667
    3    Jarrah Al Adwani    20.59    18         2                   96     4.6625
    4    Ali Al Zaabi    19.07    15         4    1              88     4.6146
    5    Jhun Ramirez    18.41    10         6    2    2         50     2.7159
    6    Nasser Al Dehani    24.52    7         7    3    3    2    9     0.3670
    7    Max Torres    24.44    1         7    6    6    3    -58     -2.3732

    1    Waleed Al Mutawah    14.20    12         7    1              82     5.7746
    2    Hiroaki Izumi    18.31    5         10    4    1         49     2.6761
    3    Jarrah Al Adwani    15.88    10         3    2    5         11     0.6927
    4    Abdullah Guinda    17.29    4    1    5    2    8         -40     -2.3135

By: Jose Gabriel

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