Kuwaitis depart for Bahrain DragRace Sheikh Duaij confident of success

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 5: A team of top drivers from the Kuwait Quarter Mile Automobile & Motorcycle Club (KQMC) departed Wednesday to Bahrain to participate in the second round of the Bahrain DragRace 2012/2013 tournament. The race, round two of the region’s most competitive drag racing series and an adrenalin rush sport, is all set to roar into action at the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) starting with test and tune runs later Wednesday evening and the qualifying stage set for Friday and final game-day also Friday. The tournament organized by the Bahrain Drag Racing Club, in cooperation with the Bahrain Motor Federation and BIC will see the participation of top Gulf Drag-racers including Kuwaitis with some of the most powerful engines go head to head for a night of screaming fans and burning rubber.

 Speaking at a press conference prior to the team’s departure, Chairman of the Drag-Race Committee in the KQMC, Sheikh Sheikh Duaij Al-Sabah expressed his utmost satisfaction on the high morale the Kuwaiti team enjoys which he said could lead them to achieve more laurels. He revealed that Kuwait’s participation in the tournament currently stands at 40 racers who will be divided into nine groups, noting that the number could have been higher due to absences attributable to mechanical issues.

The Drag-Race committee chairman stated further that Kuwait’s participation is always characterized by high enthusiasm in addition to the size of the competition which is considered the first of its kind at the level of the Gulf region, adding that “There are outstanding achievements today, be it sports, motorsports that fall under the banner of the Kuwait Quarter Mile Automobile & Motorcycle Club despite the lack of financial support needed for these kind of tournament participations. 
He expressed his utmost pleasure at the level of preparations at all levels of the tournament, saying that “This is what the KQMC Board is trying to ensure through creating a convenient atmosphere for any participant, internal or external”.

He also added that at the same time the Board is working in accordance with a clear cut strategy which could bring about improvement in Kuwaiti motorsport on the local level through the intensification of such local motorsport activities with the aim to interacting with the society especially the youth, stemming from our belief that Kuwaiti youth have capabilities which only need to be supported by the motorsport experts.
The Bahrain championship regularly attracts scores of participants from all over the Gulf, who’d battle it out in one or more of the 12 competition categories for cars and motorbikes. These categories include: the Street All-Wheel-Drive, Super Street Outlaw Front-Wheel-Drive, Super Street Rear-Wheel-Drive, Outlaw Rear-Wheel-Drive, Street V8, Super Street V8, Competition 7.5, Outlaw 10.5 and Pro Mod for four-wheelers; and the Street Bike, Super Street Bike and Pro Bike for two-wheelers.

More than 100 drivers are expected to feature in the second round of the event, including many of last the round one participants and current World Record-holders.
Round-1 of the 7-round tournament kicked off Oct 17 through Oct 19 while round three is slated for Jan 2 to 4, 2013, BIC’s first event of the new calendar year.
That will pave the way for the first round of the all-new GCC Drag Racing Championship, which will kick start a new and long-awaited campaign that pits the Middle East’s top racers against one another while visiting the top strips located across the Gulf.
Round four of the Bahrain championship is then slated for Jan 30 to Feb 1, followed by round five from Feb 27 to March 1. The season’s sixth and penultimate meeting will be held from March 27 to 29, while the championship finale will take place from April 24 to 26.

By: Iddris Seidu

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