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I am an expatriate working in Kuwait. My son is also working with a company and is on that company’s work visa. I would like to know if he resigns from his company and leaves Kuwait, and I want to call him on a visit visa, will a gap (of 3 or 6 months) be required, or can I call him on a visit visa immediately after he resigns and leaves Kuwait? Can the visit visa be taken before he leaves Kuwait?

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When the company cancels his work permit, you can immediately apply for his visit visa and in some cases the Immigration Dept also issues it before the individual leaves Kuwait although you can only avail it once you have left the country and not immediately.
Secondly, the gap that is required is for the visit visas. Once you avail a visit visa, you can’t apply for another one until after six months. It is not linked to the work permits.

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