Mada covers 90 pct of Kuwait residential areas Co marks 1-yr anniversary

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 3: Coinciding with its one-year anniversary, Mada Communications on Monday announced the completion of the first two phases of its network expansion plan that extended wireless Internet network coverage to up to 90 percent of residential areas in Kuwait, bringing wireless Internet access to more homes and subscribers in Kuwait than ever before.
The three-phase plan that is set for completion in the first quarter of next year, will bring wireless Internet access catered to individuals in major residential areas including seven areas of the governorate of Jahra and all Southern chalet areas, such as Julaiaa and Bnaider.
Currently, refineries and near-border areas like Abdali Farms and Wafra have access to smart and easy wireless solutions.

General Manager Ahmad Ibrahim said: “Mada entered the market last year to provide residents in Kuwait with a real wireless Internet solution that is full-ranged and mobile. In the last year, we have focused our efforts in a three phase plan to expand wireless Internet solutions to individuals across Kuwait, especially those living in highly-populated areas that have limited access to Internet, such as Al Jahra governorate.”
Mada is now the first to connect seven residential areas in the Jahra governorate to high-speed broadband, which include Qasr, Ayoun, Naeem, Waha, Taimaa, Nasseem, and Saad Al Abdullah covering up to 75 percent of these highly-populated residential areas.
Ibrahim added: “Mada has successfully boosted wireless Internet accessibility near construction sites, refineries, and chalets, making wireless Internet on-the-go possible and viable. The company is working close with municipalities and communities across Kuwait to provide more enhanced coverage in densely populated residential areas.”
Mada began operations in July 2011 covering only a handful of residential areas. With the company’s completion of its three-phased expansion plan, most individuals in Kuwait will have access to wireless Internet coverage.

Point of Sale
In just under a year since its launch, Mada brought its total number of point-of-sale (POS) outlets and resellers to 300 locations in 40 areas across Kuwait, and includes online stores and electronic stores.
Mada Communications Marketing Manager Shahad Ibrahim said: “Mada’s goal is to provide customers with options and choices that are both easily accessible and reliable. For that reason, we have teamed up with some of the best partners in Kuwait that include X-cite Alghanim, Mobile 2000, and Kuwait Star.”
About Mada Communications: Mada is a local wireless service provider, offering Wireless Broadband and communication services in line with today’s wireless advanced technologies. By delivering quality wireless broadband access in most local and remote places ensuring border to border coverage, Mada has proven to be one of the leading Wireless Service Providers in the state of Kuwait. Constantly striving to improve and expand our services using the latest technology, our chief objective is to serve the needs of our business and personal customers wherever they may be throughout the country.

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