Kuwait witnessed a new dawn after the elections: economists ‘Set aside differences, respect views of boycotters’

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 2: Some economists have agreed that the country witnessed a new dawn after the elections, not only because it was the first time the one-vote system was implemented but also its significance in deepening the democratic practice like the advanced nations, reports Al-Anba daily.

Chief Executive Officer of Al-Oula Investment Company Khaled Al-Sanousi admitted the picture is unclear as to the nature of relationship between the legislative and executive authorities in the future but anything is possible in the nearest future.  He attributed the political instability to the election boycott calls, while stressing the need for the country to achieve its economic goals soon.

Deputy Board Chairperson of the Arab Holding Group Company Hamid Al-Bassam asserted all economic sectors in Kuwait suffered due to the global meltdown, so the National Assembly must focus on this issue.  He said the economists had previously urged the former parliament to deal with the prevailing economic situation, but both authorities had failed to address the problem. 

He revealed all countries in the world faced challenges due to the global meltdown, except Kuwait.  He lamented the country was busy with frivolous interpellations rather than addressing more important issues.

Board Chairperson of Al-Enmaa Real Estate Company Emad Al-Thaqeb hopes the newly-elected National Assembly will take positive decisions to activate the national economy. He urged the lawmakers to work on developmental projects for positive implications on the national economy. He said the country lags behind other GCC states in terms of development due to incessant problems, political rifts and power struggle between the two authorities.

Meanwhile, the people of Kuwait, including the politicians, should set aside their differences and respect the views of those who boycotted the elections to stabilize the nation and strengthen national unity, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily quoting Mohammad Al-Jasser - a legal consultant.

Speaking to the press recently, Al-Jasser argued those who boycotted the elections and those who decided to participate in it must refrain from attacking each other as they merely exercised their freedom to take their own decision.  He called on all citizens to “wake up and clear the dust of misunderstanding to allow the expression of divergent opinions as a civilized phenomenon in the Kuwaiti society.”  He said this is a healthy situation which will greatly contribute to the development of the nation.

Meanwhile, Al-Seyassah has quoted sources as saying that some media circles noticed the absence of HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak in the election scene, especially since he did not issue any statement like his predecessor.  They disclosed nobody knows until now if the premier cast his vote or not because both the government and the Office of the Prime Minister have yet to issue a statement in this regard.

Moreover, Al-Shahid daily has reported that a female citizen, identified as Ruqayan Al-Saeed, had to be transported by ambulance to the polling precinct as she is suffering from kidney problems.

Al-Saeed is a resident in Shamiya which is part of the Second Constituency, so she was taken to Al-Jazair Secondary School.  Sources disclosed Judge Fuhaid Al-Ajmi took the permission of the head of the polling center, Essam Al-Saddaani, to oversee Al-Saeed while she was casting her vote inside the ambulance. 

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