ATC crowned Inter Company champions Global Care, ON-TIME, Chronos Mills and Legends clinch division titles

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 2: The ATC Chilis squad became the newest Inter Company champions Friday after seeing off Yiaco Medical 72-55 in a tensed fight as the UAE Exchange/Xpress Money PABAK 29th Conference games grinded to the finish line at the Disabled Sports Club in Hawally.
Global Care, ON-TIME, Chronos Mills and Legends were the other championship winners in the Leaguers, Felix Misa Cup, Pro-Leaguers and Veterans divisions.
The FONZ/TFC/AJWAA Travels co-sponsored basketball championship games saw matches played with teams contesting for laurels in the top spots as well as first and second runner-up slots in the 7-game tournament of the various divisions. Awards and trophies were handed out by PABAK Commissioner Jojo Eresnas and President Rod Cerezo to deserving winning teams as well as individual players, coaches and officials.

The winners in the various Divisions were as follows:

* Champion: ATC Chilis
* 1st Runner Up: Yiaco Medical
* 2nd Runner Up: Buffalo Café
* Finals MVP: Bryan Perez of ATC
* MVP of Game: Alfred Chan of ATC

The Mythical-5 members of the Inter-Company group were: Paul Duma-Yiaco, Alfred Chan-ATC, Abraham Marcos-Yiaco, Bryan Perez-ATC and Norman Lopez of Yiaco.

* Champion: Chronos Mills
* 1st Runner Up: NADEC
* 2nd Runner Up: Open Kitchen

* Champion: Global Care
* 1st Runner Up: Tisok
* 2nd Runner Up: Marina Volts
* Finals MVP: Fritts Garrett of Global Care
* Game MVP: Kenneth Dayuha of Global Care

Leaguers Division Mythical-5 members were: Borg Dusdo of Tisok, Kenneth Dahuya of Global Care, Vlad Casimiro of Tisok, Fritts Garrets of Global Care and Eric Barbieto of Global Care.

* Champion: Legends
* 1st Runner Up: IMCO Engineering
* 2nd Runner Up: Royal Mist
* Finals MVP: Bernard Carino of Legends
* Game MVP: Arnold De Leon of Legends
Veterans division Mythical-5 members include Arnold De Leon of Legends, Lambujon of Legends, Ronald Sotero of Legends, Allan Aloria of IMCO Engineering and Bernard Carino of IMCO Engineering.

Felix Misa Cup:
* Champion-ON-TIME
* 1st Runner Up-GCC Vipers

ATC’s Dean Basco shot a 3-pointer right off the bat to hand his side a great start in the early moments of the action-packed inter company championship game against Yiaco Medicals.  The Advanced Technology Company (ATC) on the backs of Alfred Chan, Dean Basco and Bryan Perez, managed to dominate the first quarter to finish 17-10.
The ATC first quarter advantage soon gave way as Yiaco’s Norman Lopez and Abraham Marcos warmed into the game with a fierce challenge, firing their barrages to bring the first half to a near standoff at 31-34, still 3 points down.

Marcos shot 8 in the first half of the game for Yiaco.  Sensing their title ambitions increasingly threatened, ATC ramped up the pace of their game with Alfred Chan, Bryan Perez, Jedd Sauza, Joe Flaviano and Ronald Alaro weighing into the fray with their deluges to finish the finish the game with a comfortable margin, 72-55 to raucous cheers from supporters who had packed the gallery in their droves.
Bryan Perez’s star power came into play in the final stretch as he came up with some delectable runs scoring some seven crucial points including a distant 3-pointer to further deepen the woes of the opposition.
He finished the game with a whopping 21 points to his name while Chan followed at 19 in the win. Yiaco’s Marcos and Lopez were also visible in the game, having paced their side with 17 and 10 markers apiece in the loss that handed them the first runner up spot.

Elsewhere in the tournament, Global Care subdued Tisok 76-67 to lift the Leaguers trophy. Kenneth Dahuya and Fritts Garettes for Global were at the business end of the victory, topping the score chart with 19 and 16 points apiece. The pair ruled the court for the better part of the game with a flurry of 2 and 3-pointers that came effortlessly. The closest the opposition ever came close was through Jay Manalo and Vlad Casimiro who both scored 12 points in the game.
Global began the first quarter by opening up a huge lead in the first half, 40-21, which Tisok was unable to close till buzzer. The third quarter was the closest Tisok could stitch up the hole with Casimiro peaking them. The score at the end of the third quarter was 69-61, Global still ahead by a comfortable margin. Dahuya was well supported by Borg Dusdo.

Losing sight of victory, Tisok pulled up their socks in the final round with Dusdo engaging the opposition basket with hunger, but Global didn’t let up in their attack which resulted in more scoring for them to eventually seal the Tisok demolition with a convincing 76-67 win to clinch the Leaguers trophy.
Legends squad was the proud owner of the Veterans division trophy after subjecting IMCO Engineering to a merciless thrashing, 71-58. Arnold De Leon and Ronald Sotero for Legends scored 16 and 11 points in the championship encounter. The two best players on the IMCO side, Bernard Carino and Allan Aloria only managed to finish with 12 and 8 points as their best reply to the Legend broadsides.
ON-TIME struggled to brush off a GCC Vipers fierce challenge with a 56-53 victory to lift the Feli Misa championship trophy.  Led by Felix, Reyes and captain Vallesteria, ON-TIME balanced strategy and aggression to exploit the chinks in the opposition defense to hand them a 56-53 victory. Reyes led the ON-TIME charge scoring 17 points, backed by Vallesteria’s 11 valuable points to clinch the win.

In the battle for the third place of the inter company group, a closely contested game was fought with one time champions Buffalo Café outpacing Matrix to clinch the third runner up spot with a 75-69 win before a capacity crowd in the indoor court. The high-octane encounter was pretty much a done deal for the Buffalos.
In another keenly contested Leaguers Championship second runner up clash, Marina Volts fought tooth and nail, coming from a 3-point deficit in the first quarter to clinch the spot after finishing 87-76 against Flipside.  The high-octane encounter was a pretty much closely fought game from the second round with the Volts wielding a slight advantage courtesy De La Rosa, Jay Valencia and Kim Legaspi who combined to lead the their side in the rally, 47-39. The Volts continued on their momentum and ambled to an easy 87-76 win.

The rounds ended 16-19, 47-39, 71-68 and finally 87-76. Flipside was never far behind but Jeff Diwa and Dizon the two stars who went on to finish with 23 and 14 points could not do more than what they did as the support coming from other team members was very limited in their fight against a determined opponent like the Volts. The Volts ambled to a win with De La Rosa and Legaspi scoring 31 and 24 for their side in the win.
D’Coaches went down 82-89 against Royal Mist in a contest for the second runner up spot of the veterans division. Choy Mico, Angel Rillo and Joe Casuga were the main scorers in the D’Coaches defeat.
The 30th Conference of the Philippines Amateur Basketball Association of Kuwait (PABAK) kicks off next Friday, December 7th. Interested players are invited to register as registration is still ongoing at the Hawally Disabled Sports Club or call 66686954.


By: Iddris Seidu

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