Citizenship granted to fifty-eight children Two decrees issued

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 1: Two decrees were recently issued to grant citizenship to 30 children of naturalized Kuwaitis in accordance with Article 7, and to 28 children of divorced women and widows in accordance with the Article 5/2 of the Code of Nationality, reports Al-Anba daily.
The names of the beneficiaries include Yousef Daly Al-Enzi, Gharebah Zaid Al-Enzi, Hanouf Zaid Al-Enzi, Anoud Zaid Al-Enzi, Suad Zaid Al-Enzi, Sharifah Zaid Al-Enzi, Mamdouh Khaled Al-Hethal, Latefah Shuja’ Al-Shammari, Manifa Shuja’ Al-Shammari, Maryam Shuja’ Al-Shammari, Modi Shuja’ Al-Shammari and Salwa Shuja’ Al-Shammari.
The list also includes Faisal Dahi Al-Fadhli, Naji Dahi Al-Fadhli, Hamid Dahi Al-Fadhli, Jamilah Dahi Al-Fadhli, Hafez Dahi Al-Fadhli, Seham Dahi Al-Fadhli, Ibtisam Dahi Al-Fadhli, Sakina Dahi Al-Fadhli, Badi Dahi Al-Fadhli, Batoul Dahi Al-Fadhli, Hadi Jaad Al-Enzi, Fatima Jaad Al-Enzi, Badria Jaad Al-Enzi, Bader Jaad Al-Enzi, Jaber Jaad Al-Enzi, Mona Jaad Al-Enzi, Ali Jaad Al-Enezi and Bashayer Jaad Al-Enzi.
The children of divorced or widowed women who were granted Kuwaiti citizenship are Abdullah Adel Nasouhi, Shu’aa Sanad Al-Mutairi, Bandar Sanad Al-Mutairi, Maryam Mohammed Al Barek, Khaled Mohammed Al Barek, Meshal Bader Al-Omari, Nora Hamad Al-Saleh, Meshal Anwar Al-Khafaji, Asrar Anwar Al-Khafaji, Khaloud Salman Mubarak, Khaled Salman Mubarak, Basem Mohammed Al-Arfaj and Feras Mohammed Al-Arfaj.
The list also includes Ahmed Abdel Fattah Abdel Hamid, Noor Abdel Fattah Abdel Hamid, Sarah Abdel Fattah Abdel Hamid, Feras Faraj Al-Thufaeri, Asma Fahad Al-Otaibi, Ibtisam Fahad Al-Otaibi, Adel Hazza’ Saqer, Sumail Aamir Al-Yaf’i, Nawaf Aamir Al-Yaf’i, Saja Aamir Al-Yaf’i, Noor Aamir Al-Yaf’i, Ammar Amer Al-Yafei, Hesah Mutlaq Al-Sahli, Mubarak Mutlaq Al-Sahli and Sajwan Mutlaq Al-Sahli.

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