IBAK members pose for a family photo during the Winter Tournament.
Bastain, Jabbar sweep rivals in Blue AB Neha and Harsha remain unbeaten in Pink category

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 30: Bastain and Jabbar led one group of the senior-most category – Blue Tier – while Deepak and Anish were the best in the other as the Indian Badminton Association-Kuwait’s (IBAK) four-week Winter Tournament continued with the quarterfinal stages at the Saad Al Awzi School in Salwa. Before reaching the last eight stage the matches were played on a League format with two of the top players of each group moving into the next round. Meanwhile Relin and Bose, Saju C and Binu, Bharani and Aravind and Sunil R with Jyothish qualified for the semifinals of the Red Advanced category after winning their quarterfinal matches. In the Red Inter Category, two groups were formed from the four League groups with the top two players of each group being selected. Garylord and Kishore led one of these groups while Vikram and Vikram were the best in the other.

The competition was very close in the Pink Category with Neha and Harsha dominating the section after remaining unbeaten in all their five matches so far. The tournament is a short one with the 4th Friday seeing the finals of both the current tournament and also the second IBAK Inter-School Tournament. The Winter Tournament is open and is being conducted across Blue, Red, and Pink tiers (the last category exclusive to IBAK members) while the second IBAK Inter-school tournament is scheduled to start on 7th December, which will also be the last day for the Winter Tournament.

Blue Tier
For the quarterfinal stage, the Blue Tier groups A, B, C and D were combined into two groups – Blue Tier AB and Blue Tier CD. Bastain and Jabbar were leading in Blue AB while Deepak and Anish were at the top in Blue CD. In this stage of the tournament, Blue AB saw Bastain and Jabbar beat Chandra and Pushkar 21-16 23-21 before they went on to edge past Suresh and Bader and in the last match Chandra and Pushkar overcame some tough competition from Rafeek and Tamer 21-11 19-21 21-19. In the Blue CD section, Saju and Usman were in form as they stopped Deepak and Anish 21-14 21-19 while Deepak and Anish also went one with a victory when they defeated Ravi and Shyam Sunder 21-13 21-11.

Blue AB standings
Names    P    W    L    PTS
Bastain & Jabbar    2    2    0    5
Chandra & Pushkar    2    1    1    2
Suresh & Bader    1    0    1    1
Rafeek & Tamer    1    0    1    1
Blue CD standings
Names    P    W    L    PTS
Deepak & Anish    2    1    1    3
Saju & Usman    1    1    0    3
Ravi & Shyam Sunder    1    0    1    0
Noor & Dr. Mani    0    0    0    0

In the earlier League stages of the tournament the competition was very tough and the pairs finished as follows before the top two pairs of each group qualified for the final-eight round.
Suresh and Bader and Rafeek with Tamer had taken the top two spots in one group while Bastain and Jabbar and Chandra with Pushkar had dominated the second, Ravi and Shyam Sunder alongwith Deepak and Anish had been the best in the third and from the fourth group Saju and Usman with Noor and Dr Mani had moved up .

Blue A standings

Names    P    W    L    PTS
Suresh & Bader    3    3    0    9
Rafeek & Tamer    3    2    1    6
Vivek & Sanal     3    1    2    2
Saji & Gopakumar    3    0    3    1
Blue B standings
Names    P    W    L    PTS
Bastain & Jabbar    3    3    0    8
Chandra & Pushkar    3    2    1    7
Sunil & Mohan    3    1    2    3
Blue C standings
Names    P    W    L    PTS
Ravi & Shyam Sunder    3    3    0    9
Deepak & Anish    3    2    1    5
Arif & Shamsuddin    3    1    2    3
Mathew & Febin    3    0    3    1
Blue D standings
Names    P    W    L    PTS
Saju & Usman    3    3    0    8
Noor & Dr. Mani    3    2    1    7
Pradeep & Somasekhar    3    1    2    3
Abhi & Sojan    3    0    3    0

Red Advanced Tier
The Red Tier Advanced category reached the semifinal round after four of the eight pairs who qualified from the League matches won their quarterfinal matches.
In these quarterfinal matches, Relin and Bose thrashed Rasheed and Sibi 21-10 21-10, while Saju C and Binu outclassed Sajith and Unnikrishan 21-11 21-12, Bharani and Aravind routed Gokul and Anirudh 21-14 21-12 and Sunil R and Jyothish outplayed Ajay and Shajahan 21-15 21-16.
Before the above pairs had qualified for the quarterfinals their progress in the league stage had been had been as follows with Relin and Bose being the best in Red Advanced A and Sunil R and Jyothish dominating the second.Both of these pairs had remained unbeaten in these group matches.

Red Advanced A standings
Names    P    W    L    PTS
Saju C & Binu    5    3    2    9
Bharani & Aravind    5    3    2    10
Shine & Harish    5    0    5    0
Relin & Bose    5    5    0    15
Sony & Sam     5    1    4    3
Ajay & Shajahan    5    3    2    8
Red Advance B standings
Names    P    W    L    PTS
Sunil R & Jyothish    4    4    0    10
Rasheed & Sibi    4    0    4    2
Sajith & Unnikrishan    4    3    1    8
Allen & Samuel    4    0    4    0
Gokul & Anirudh    4    2    2    7

Red Inter Tier

This category saw the top eight players clashing with each other in two groups –Red Inter AB and Red Inter CD – which were formed after two of the top players in two League groups were brought together with the other four top players of the other two League groups put in the other group of the quarterfinal stage.
Garylord and Kishore were at the top in one group after having won both their matches while Vikram and Vikram triumphed in all their three matches to emerge the best in the other.
The matches of Red Inter AB saw Baburaj and Vineet defeat Abdullatheef and Sajid 21-19 21-14 while Garylord and Kishore overcame Abdullatheef and Sajid, Baburaj and Vineet outlasted Nitin and Ashley D’Souza 21-19 21-17 and Nitin and Ashley D’Souza beat Garylord and Kishore 23-21 21-9.
In Red Inter CD, Madhu and Jose were 21-18 21-13 winners over Ganga and Arif before they beat Imran and Velmurugan 21-15 16-21 21-15, while Vikram and Vikram edged past Ganga and Arif 21-17 22-20 and then hammered Madhu and Jose 21-17 21-15 and in the end outclassed Imran and Velmurugan 21-9 21-15.

Red Inter AB standings
Names    P    W    L    PTS
Garylord & Kishore    2    2    0    6
Nitin & Ashley D’Souza    2    1    1    3
Abdullatheef & Sajid    2    1    1    3
Baburaj & Vineet    2    0    2    0
Red Inter CD standings
Names    P    W    L    PTS
Vikram & Vikram    3    3    0    9
Imran & Velmurugan    2    0    2    1
Madhu & Jose    3    2    1    5
Ganga & Arif    2    0    2    0

Pink Tier
The Pink Tier was being held over only one group as the entrants were comparatively fewer and eight matches were played this week.Neha and Harsha were at the top in this category after remaining unbeaten in all their five matches while Kundana and Shobha lost only one of their five matches to take second place.
In the eight matches Sandhya and Preetha crushed Lakeisha and Meena 21-10 21-10, Kundana and Shoba tamed Sandhya and Preetha 21-18 21-13,Shaina and Nivedha scored an easy 21-10 21-10 victory over Lakeisha and Meena, Neha and Harsha routed Shaina and Nivedha 21-10 21-11, Shirley and Liya overcame Sandhya and Preetha 21-15 18-21 21-13, Kundana and Shobha outplayed Shaina and Nivedha 21-13 21-14, Neha and Harsha cruised past Sandhya and Preetha 21-18 21-13 and in the last match of this category Sandhya and Preetha overcame Shaina and Nivedha 23-21 21-13.

Pink Tier standings
Names    P    W    L    PTS
Neha& Harsha    5    5    0    14
Kundana & Shobha    5    4    1    12
Shirley & Liya    5    3    2    9
Sandhya & Preetha    5    2    3    7
Shaina & Nivedha    5    1    4    3
Lakeisha & Meena    5    0    5    0
The organizers have once again announced that the following are now the office bearers of IBAK:
President – Dr.Manimara Chozhan
General Secretary – Mohammed Arief
Mohammed Sirajudeen – Membership
Jimmy Jose Aricat – Public Relations
Srinivas sreedhara – Event Management
Faheem Contractor – Media
Mallu Chandramouli – Courts
Dr.Vijay Shirhatti – Critical Review
Noor Kalmatta – Coaching
Antony Marshal – Web Affairs
Prasad Thandachery – Logistic Support
Jayaprakash – Audit
Aun Foizen – Sports
Jt. Secretary
Sarosh Daruwala – Media
IBAK has again stressed that it plans to hold the Second Inter-School Tournament because the first one was an immense success as it saw the participation of close to a 100 students . The organizers added that they hope for a similar if not more enthusiastic participation .

Tournament Format:
a) Under-19 (Boys & Girls) Singles & Doubles
b) Under-16 (Boys & Girls) Singles & Doubles
c) Under-14 (Boys & Girls) Singles & Doubles
The organizers are requesting the schools to send the names of their teams in advance to the tournament director, Ajay Kumar (ajayibak@gmail.com). The organizers add the teams must wear their school jerseys. If there is no representation from any school, individual participants will be allowed to compete as a unified team with the credit going to the players themselves

 The Tournament Director is Noor Kalmatta (noor1kalmatta@yahoo.com) while the Tournament committee is based on Srinivas Sreedhara (chol007@yahoo.com), Saju Thomas (sajujtt@yahoo.com), Kundana Kishore (rushkishore@gmail.com) Giri Narayanan (nngiri@yahoo.com) and Abdul Raheem Abbas (kacraheem@yahoo.com).

By: Jose Gabriel

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