The duo with the seized contraband
Police arrest jobless man for molesting 5 children in Salmiya ‘Qat’ seized from 2 African passengers

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 30: Police have taken into custody an unidentified person of unknown nationality for allegedly molesting five children, including a girl, in Salmiya, reports Al-Rai daily.
According to security sources the suspect is 20-years-old, unemployed and lives in the area where he committed the crimes. The daily added after he was taken in custody police asked him what he was doing in the area. He fumbled with the answer and showed signs of confusion which supported the doubts of the securitymen.
Following primary interrogation he was singled out from a police lineup by two of the victims. Security sources say, the man will be lined up again and other three children will be summoned to identify him.
It has been reported the suspect goes on the prowl early evening looking for victims of migrant children, especially the Egyptians. He allegedly lures them and then under threat molests them and escapes from the scene.
He will be handed over to the Public Prosecution.

‘Qat’ seized from 2 African passengers: Customs officers at the Kuwait International Airport recently foiled an attempt by two expatriates from the African Subcontinent to smuggle ‘Qat’ — a tropical evergreen plant whose leaves are used as a stimulant — into the country.
The Qat in Kuwait is considered as narcotics and it was found hidden inside plastic bags containing powdered pepper.
Airport Customs Inspector Suleiman Al-Fahd affirmed the customs officers have wide experience in foiling attempts to smuggle narcotics into the country, regardless of the advancement of techniques which smugglers have devised.
The two suspects were referred to the concerned authorities for necessary measures to be taken against them.
Also, police have arrested three unidentified Kuwaiti youth for possessing and consuming drugs, reports Al-Rai daily.
According to security sources, the suspects were caught in a suburb of Doha. They were seated in a car which was parked in a public parking lot.
When a police patrol approached the suspects, they tried in vain to escape. However, police blocked their exit, arrested them and seized from them sachets of heroin.
They have been handed over to the General Department of Drug Control.

Woman’s handbag stolen: An unknown individual broke into the vehicle of a Kuwaiti woman and stole her handbag, which contained KD 200, important documents and other personal belongings.
According to security sources, the Kuwaiti woman rushed to the police station and filed a case against the unknown suspect, informing securitymen that she had left her handbag inside the vehicle with the intention of returning immediately. However, when she returned to her vehicle, she was shocked to find one of the windows of her vehicle broken. She then noticed that her handbag was missing.
The case was referred to the detectives and investigations are ongoing to arrest the suspect and retrieve the stolen handbag.

‘Broker takes KD 1,500’: A Kuwaiti man, whose identity has not been disclosed, has filed a complaint with the police accusing a landlord of causing him KD 1,500 loss, reports Alam Alyawm daily.
According to the complainant a broker approached him and said there was a suitable land for sale. The Kuwaiti offered to buy, signed a contract and paid the landlord KD 5,000 and the broker took his commission, KD 1,500.
When the Kuwaiti felt the land was not good enough, he demanded the money back along with the commission that was paid to the broker.
At this point the landlord said it was not his business to get the money back from the broker.

 KD 8,000 stolen from company safe: An unidentified individual stole KD 8,000 from a company in Sharq recently.
According to security sources, when the manager of the company who is an Iraqi national informed securitymen that some unknown individual broke the safe of the company and stole KD 8,000, securitymen rushed to the location with officers from General Department of Criminal Evidences who lifted fingerprints and collected evidences for investigations.
Securitymen interrogated the employees of the company. A case was registered and investigations are ongoing to arrest the suspect and retrieve the stolen money.

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