Off day you get is a paid day

Currently we are working for a US company under the sponsorship of a local firm. Normally we work on all Kuwait holidays. If we come to work we are getting double pay for the hours worked if not we are getting 8 hours pay.
The problem is that according to Labor Law we are authorized another day off.
Currently our company allows us to take another day off if we work on a holiday but that day is considered as leave without pay (LWOP). Is it right? Earlier, with another company we were getting pay for that day; so is this holiday off day a paid one or not?

Name withheld
According to the current law, the off day you get is a paid day. In this connection, please see Article 67 of the Kuwait Labor Law which clearly states that the ‘weekly offs’ are paid. So, it doesn’t matter when an employee gets an alternate weekly off day, it will be paid.

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