Female ‘royal’ jailed in dud cheque case

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 28: The Misdemeanor Court has recently sentenced a female member of the ruling family to three years imprisonment for issuing a dud cheque for KD 290,000 to a businessman, reports Al-Rai daily.
The daily added the Sheikha convinced the businessman she was active in real estate and received the money on the strength of the cheque.

Robbery at gunpoint: Police are looking for three unidentified persons for robbing motorists  under threat in the vicinity of Mina Abdullah, reports Al-Rai daily. According to one of the complainants the suspects were riding in a pickup truck armed with a double barrel hunting gun.
They stopped him while driving along a road stole from him KD 50, cell phone and shot at the wheel and punctured the tyre to prevent him from following them.
The robbers then did the same to a Korean but failed to rob him. An Indian who was stopped got scared and sped up when he saw the gun.
One of them shot at the wheel of the car but failed to stop him. The bullet hit the left side door.

Rumours denied: Former MP Adel Al-Damkhi has denied rumors about the death of his cousin following the release from the State Security Department, reports Al-Shahed daily.
Al-Damkhi said the man died of natural causes in his home. However, former MP Abdullatif Al-Omairi has requested the Interior Ministry to respond to rumors and state the cause of death.

Son goes berserk: Acting on information police rushed to the home of a Kuwaiti man, controlled his mentally retarded son and referred him to the Psychiatric Hospital, reports Al-Rai daily.
The daily added when the son went berserk, the father called the police and when a policeman entered the house, he was attacked by the son with a blade injuring the security man on the neck.
The policeman was rushed to a hospital.

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