Garbages on the ground after spilling over the boxes in Farwaniya, Block 1 area.
Garbage piles up in Farwaniya Residents worry of health hazards

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 28: Some people residing in Farwaniya have been complaining of the piles of garbage that have remained uncollected for almost a week now. The black garbage cans at the back of the Farwaniya Governorate have been overflowing with trash that have scattered on block 1 along streets 68, 69 and 70.

“It has been five days now that the garbage trucks did not collect the garbage and we cannot stand the foul smell anymore coming from these piles of trash,” disclosed Ron Favor, one of the residents in the area on Wednesday to the Arab Times.

He pointed out that the torrential rains in the past days have added to the problem, drenching the piles garbage, making them stink more.

Another resident along block 1, street 68 also complained that the cool weather could have been perfect to take her kids for a walk in the area but they cannot even stay outside on the streets for a few minutes due to the foul smell emanating from the piles of garbage.

“We are calling on the concerned authorities to please collect the garbage now and please clean up the mess on the streets. The mountain of garbage is growing each day,” she urged.

Meanwhile, some residents have been worried that these piles of garbage may pose some health hazards to the residents in the area especially to the kids.

“Aside from the land pollution, this is also causing air pollution. The stink may cause some respiratory problems especially those who have some allergies like asthma,” stated one of the residents along street 70.

The piles of garbage in the area have become a good breeding ground for rats, flies, cockroaches and other insects that can carry disease-causing bacteria that may infect people.


By: Michelle Fe Santiago Arab Times Staff

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