Strict supervision on police performance during poll: MoI EC chief urges voters to abide by instructions

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 28, (KUNA): The Ministry of Interior is enforcing strict and continuous supervision and inspection of performance for all police bodies and officers participating in protection of security, transparency, integrity and credibility of 2012 National Assembly Elections.

Head of the General Administration of Supervision and Inspection at the Ministry of Interior Brigadier Shehab Al-Shemmeri said in remarks to the press, on Wednesday, the administration’s duty is to inspect all activities of police bodies and officers before, during and after the electoral process, including the electoral house stations and constituencies.

The supervision includes military restraint of the police officers, well-performance in coordination with other public bodies and securing the electoral process in all of its aspects.

Meanwhile, Kuwait’s Higher Electoral Commission Chief judge Ahmad Musaad Al-Ejael urged voters to carefully read and abide by the commission’s instructions before casting their ballots to avoid vote annulment.

In a press statement, Judge Al-Ejael announced that the Commission has put the final touches on the preparations for the upcoming parliamentary elections, due on December 1.

“Instructions have been given to the Electoral Commission members and polling stations chiefs to ensure the election process will be free, fair and transparent and to offer all help and remove any obstacle impeding voters from practicing their electoral rights,” he said.

He stated that the success of any election process is measured by the voters’ turnout and the evenhanded and fair management of the electoral committee.

Al-Ejael lauded the state bodies and all election-related entities’ full cooperation with the Electoral Commission in preparing for the election.

In the meantime, a large number of voters, during the campaigns for the upcoming parliamentary elections, have depended on checking the nominees’ manifestos through the Internet and the media, rather than face-to-face interaction due to lack of sufficient time till polling date.

The voters, during the current candidates’ campaigns, are viewing their promotion actions through the means of social communications, television interviews and local newspapers.

Female and male voters attributed candidates’ abstention from holding rallies due to the limited time till schedule of the ballot day, Dec 1, thus most of the candidates resorted to television satellite channels, internet websites and electronic social networks as well as local newspapers, Jumana Al-Mutairi said she followed up on the candidates through the social networking (Twitter), to study their views and election programs.

Abdullah Al-Nasser said he did not attend the opening of any electoral headquarters due to lack of time and daily responsibilities, thus he could not be present at seminars at the headquarters of electoral candidates.

Manayer Shatti said volunteers distributed posters about male and female candidates for the planned elections at many public. They were also given to drivers at the roads’ traffic lights.

Zakaria Dashti said he depended on satellite channels to identify the candidate, watching interviews with many of them, with aim of identifying “their advantages and detect faults before determining” which one would deserve the ballot.

Fajer Al-Otaibi said she followed up on candidates through social networks and television interviews or (YouTube).

Jinan Al-Sarraf said she did not pursue candidate programs, but would depend on any one from the family or friends due to confidence and trust of their opinions.

Nabil Jassim said the lack of seminars this year prompted him to resort to social networks and interviews on television.

Meanwhile, third Constituency candidate for parliament election 2012 Saadon Hammad Al-Otaibi said on Tuesday that pushing for national unity away from personal gains was vital to reach a better future based on justice, freedom, and equality.

Al-Otaibi stressed, in a speech marking the opening of his campaign, on the importance of improving public services in the country and establishing integrated medical cities, noting on the reasons behind traveling abroad to receive treatment due to such issues.

The candidate called for establishing youth sport centers and having all civil, social, and woman rights granted for the upcoming period.

Meanwhile, Third Constituency candidate Abdullah Abdulmohsen Al-Subaie said that an end to disputes and division must take place to move forward.

In a press statement, Al-Subaie said that in recent years political tension has led to the delay of economic development, which in turn affected other sectors like the education, health, and housing which all needs to be addressed.

Disputes and problems between the executive branch and legislative one has led to setbacks, the candidate noted, stressing on the need to have a period of calm in the upcoming future.

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