Visa for 2nd wife

I have been married here in Kuwait to an Asian national for the past one year and her residence is on my sponsorship. Recently, I travelled to my hometown and due to unavoidable circumstances I got married in my hometown.
My question is that, can I bring my second wife here to Kuwait without the knowledge of my first wife. Is there any conflict or restriction on having a second wife on my sponsorship? Will the Kuwait immigration issue me a visa for my second wife and what are the formalities and yearly fees. I am earning a monthly salary of KD 400.

Name withheld
You should not have any difficulty in getting a visa for your second wife nor is there any restriction on how many of your wives you wish to keep with you in Kuwait. Nor is there any requirement to have your first wife’s permission.
All you need is the marriage certificate, attested by the Foreign Ministry of your country, your embassy in Kuwait and the Kuwait Foreign Ministry alongwith her passport copy, an affidavit attested by your embassy and Kuwait’s Foreign Ministry saying that this woman is your wife, your rental contract and a copy of your Civil ID. The marriage contract should be translated into Arabic.
You should not have any problems in getting the visa. For the first year you will be required to pay the KD 100 residence fee plus health insurance. After that you will have to pay only KD 10 as residence fee and the health insurance.

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