Did Morsi hear public outcry?

EGYPT has started experiencing a new form of revolution against those who have been trying to dress the country with clothes which do not belong to it; thereby, dragging it into another crisis. Today, Egypt does not object to ordinary presidential decisions; it is against drastic and inappropriate changes which do not benefit the country. This has prompted those who gathered in public squares and streets to oppose a decree issued recently because they do not want to lose their history and their unique political experience. Basically, they are against the destruction of national democracy.

Therefore, the Egyptian leader is wrong, especially if he continues to implement harsh policies and deal with citizens according to his personal whims or the instructions of his political group. President Mohamed Morsi committed a serious blunder when he assumed that the results of the parliamentary and presidential elections have given him the power to become another pharaoh. He erroneously thought he can use a pen to silence millions of Egyptians.

By the way, this is the same mistake committed by the self-acclaimed Majority Bloc in our nullified National Assembly. The members of the bloc have presented draft laws aimed at making all Kuwaitis wear a single garment sewn in the headquarters of the Islamic group, while they speak a language derived from blind loyalty to spiritual leaders in Egypt and elsewhere. For this, the citizens unseated them even before the Constitutional Court ruled on their case. They have taken this step because they are civilized citizens who do not take instructions from a group which tries to enforce its will on the people. The citizens deserted the members of the bloc immediately after realizing the level of complicity in taking orders from the Brotherhood leaders and their cohorts.

President Morsi should have studied his country’s history very well and pondered on the fate of his predecessors, starting from the days of the pharaohs till date. He would have realized that the citizens always speak out against oppression and tyranny. They will never accept dictation from the power-thirsty political minority whose members think they are absolutely right. Since the end of the pharaoh era, none of the Egyptian leaders had tried to enforce their will on citizens, so they always resorted to politics, conviction, evidence or proof. Does Morsi, who made reference to Amr ibn al-As in one of his speeches, think he can use another method aside from dialogue and politics that the latter used during the conquest of Egypt? Does he think the Egyptians, who have deep political experience, can be forced to wear garments sewn by the Muslim Brotherhood and other extremist groups which exploit democracy to control the country’s social and leadership activities?

The immediate reaction of the citizens to the recent constitutional announcement has thwarted attempts to push Egypt towards absolute and ignorant governance. All those millions who took to the streets and squares have weakened the legitimacy of the incumbent leader. They gathered in the same way they did on Jan 28, 2011 when they asked former President Hosni Mubarak to step down. They are now taking a similar action against Morsi, saying, “Go away, go away, we don’t want you!” Did the Egyptian President hear their outcry which signals his legitimate removal, or the dictatorial passion in him has blocked his ears and eyes?
Yes! Egypt has spoken against the Muslim Brotherhood leadership. Here are millions of people along Cairo streets and other cities in Egypt, saying, “No! No! No to the transformation of the largest Arab nation into a mere farm controlled by the self-acclaimed spiritual group leader who hides behind the dictatorial presidential curtain!”

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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