Resignation with 3 months notice given to the company

We have been working in a restaurant for over five years now and we have given our resignation, on the 1st of November, with a 3-month notice that ends January 2013 as prescribed by the Labor Law.
Our questions are:
1. Does the company have the right to allow us to work only until November?
2. Does the company have the right to keep our Civil ID’s (we keep our passport)?
3. Can the company cancel our residence even without our presence at the labor office if they are holding our original Civil IDs?

Name withheld
If you have handed in your 3-month notice then the company has either to allow you to work for three months or pay you for the period they don’t want you to work.
They can’t have it both ways and if they just order you to stop working without paying your dues you can file a complaint with the Labor Office in your area.
Secondly, the Civil ID is a personal document so the company has no right to keep the ID.
And lastly the company doesn’t have the right to cancel your residence without your consent nor can it legally because you have to sign a certain document, which says you have received all your dues from the company, before your residence is cancelled.
Now, if the company doesn’t give you your rights or ‘somehow’ gets your residence cancelled without your knowledge you can file a complaint with the Labor Office in your area or take the case to court.

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