‘Fed up with old faces, ancient ideas’ Election candidates seek end to corruption, eye boost in security

KUWAIT, Nov 26, (Agencies): Fawzi Salman Al-Khawari, a parliamentary candidate from the 1st constituency, said Sunday he has a vision to cement security and stability and crack down on administrative, economic and political corruption.

Al-Khawari, running in the December 1 elections, told KUNA he sought to fight corruption, safeguard national unity and improve the living conditions of citizens.

He called on the Kuwaitis to actively participate in the development of their country through well-studied methods that also reject hatred and sectarianism.

Al-Khawari, an organ transplant specialist, voiced optimism that Kuwait would have a bright future.
Osama Al-Tahous, a candidate from the Third Constituency says Kuwaitis are fed up with ancient ideas and old faces. He added the ideas of the lawmakers of 1980s have run out, and they are far from fulfilling the ambitions of citizens, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.

Al-Tahous said he will represent the youth in the coming parliamentary elections to rescue the political arena from dissenters. He demanded that various groups in our society “must join the coming parliamentary elections” to initiate a new prospect of development in our country of law and democracy.
Basel Al-Jassar, candidate from the Third Constituency resents the recent deterioration of internal affairs which is leading to a loss of dignity in a country of law.

“As a result, we are producing shabby graduates unable to shoulder the responsibility of development”, thus the rate of unemployment continues to increase, he pointed out.

At a recent meeting with women voters from the constituency where he’s running as parliamentary representative, Al-Jassar stressed he’ll reform the banking sector to control corruption “for our Constitution to take absolute dominance”.

He explained that his program gives the private sector a chance to participate in national development, as the sector has already contributed effectively to attaining development in some sisterly GCC countries. He affirmed the need to grant the Kuwaiti women their full rights, as they play an essential role in the society.

“Engineer Hesham Al-Baghli, a candidate from the Third Constituency confirmed the upcoming parliamentary elections already attained successes even before the actual process begins, despite the short period of registration of the candidates and preparations for that purpose. He added the elections will convey the will of the nation.

He stressed some lawmakers opposing the recent decree of necessity had in 1981 accepted a decree of necessity through which the constituencies were changed. They had also participated in elections at the time, he added, wondering” why a change in attitude now”. He reiterated ‘one vote for one voter’ will facilitate the selection of MPs who are capable of representing their nation, devoid of personal interests.


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