‘Punish crisis provokers’ ‘Impose sanctions on people calling for boycott of polls’

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 26: The majority of respondents in an opinion poll conducted on the website of Al-Seyassah agree strict sanctions be applied against those inciting the people to boycott the upcoming parliamentary elections, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

About 24 percent of the participants are of the view that the crisis provokers inciting the people to boycott elections must be punished only if their actions lead to sabotage and one percent held no opinion.
Also, 75 percent of them said the right to vote or boycott election remains a personal decision, and it’s inappropriate for some people to incite others to boycott elections. They described the attitude of election boycotters as damaging and interfering with the country’s stability, stressing the constitution ensures the right of each person to vote or abstain from the process, and a second party has no right to decide for any person.

The Fourth Constituency National Committee for Boycotting Elections has concluded its final boycott plan during a meeting that was recently held at the diwaniya of former MP Musallam Al-Barrak, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting reliable sources.

They indicated that the meeting was focused on appointing a general coordinator for the committee’s headquarters in the fourth constituency, which will be the center for all coordinators in different areas. During the meeting, they also printed a large number of banners and stickers with boycott slogans, which will be distributed to volunteers to use and stick on their vehicles.

They revealed that the volunteers will be distributed among the polling stations, adding that the areas close to the polling station will covered in orange colored banners and other items, and seminars will be held at those areas.

They affirmed that general coordinators of every committee for boycotting elections have been appointed who will coordinate with his team of volunteers and other coordinators through ‘WhatsApp’, ‘Facebook’ or mobile text messages.

The Muslim Brotherhood has not demanded $1.5 billion from the Kuwaiti government, reports
Al-Kuwaitiah daily quoting a highly reliable security source.

This came after former minister and MP Ahmed Al-Mulaifi made the above allegation in his election campaign.  The source pointed out the Ministry of Interior has never heard any discussion on the alleged payment, except from Al-Mulaifi.  He urged Al-Mulaifi to present evidence to the security authorities and the media to prove his claim.  He added such allegations are common amongst candidates during the campaign period.

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