Kuwait’s PM with the editors-in-chief of the local dailies. (KUNA)
Government vows new approach to issues PM meets editors

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 26, (KUNA): His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah said Monday the coming stage will see a “comprehensive change” in the approach to raising and addressing the issues of public concern.

“It’s time for Kuwait to set a good example for other countries in manipulating her rich human and material resources in promoting socio-economic development,” he said.

Sheikh Jaber made the remarks during his meeting with editors-in-chief of the local press at Bayan Palace in the presence of Minister of Information and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah.

He attributed the failure of some government bodies to play their desired roles to the fear of accountability and accusations.

“The political movement in the country testifies to the vitality of the society and democratization which should give momentum to development rather than hindering it,” he argued.

Sheikh Jaber noted that the majority in the last parliament failed to encourage the government to adopt positive steps to the contrary to the spirit of the Constitution which favors cooperation between the legislative and executive authorities.

“Nevertheless, difference in views is a good catalyst for serving the interests of the public in case we refrain from leveling groundless accusations against each other,” he explained.

Commenting on the election law, Sheikh Jaber said the government turned to the Constitutional Court for the first time to rule on the constitutionality of the divisions of the constituencies and the court, in turn, ruled in favor of the law.

“HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, who kept a watchful eye on the developments of the situation, reached the conviction that the situation was abnormal and could not persist any longer.
“Thanks to his wisdom and the advice of constitutional experts, HH the Amir adopted the emergency Amiri Decree regulating the constituencies and calling fresh the legislative elections,” Sheikh Jaber pointed out.

Sheikh Jaber ruled out the existence of “wasta” (nepotism) at some government institutions, notably the overseas medication and admissions to the police and army academies, saying his government works to ensure equitable treatment to all citizens “in all weathers.”

“Overseas medication is usually decided by a medical panel belonging to the Ministry of Health and the admissions to the police and army academy are governed by scientific and practical rules away from nepotism,” he stressed.
“Out of keenness on more effective participation at the international sports events, HH the Amir adopted a decree to amend the regulations and the activities of the Public Authority for Youth and Sports (PAYS),” Sheikh Jaber noted.
“The amendments, entailed in the decree, are in keeping with the laws of the International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Charter,” he said, adding that the decree will be tabled to the coming National Assembly for endorsement.
Asked about ‘Karamat Watan’ (dignity of homeland) III protest march, he said the organizers got license from the concerned security services so the government had nothing against the march.
The government plans to privatize some public institutions with a view to providing better service to the citizens and expatriates.
“The coming government will include decision makers and bold politicians to fight corruption,” he said, noting that he invited some members of the dissolved parliament to join the incumbent government set-up but they refused under “totally unacceptable justifications.”
Urging the media to shoulder its national responsibilities professionally and objectively, Sheikh Jaber said some media outlets create sensation by portraying lies as truth and losses as wins.
“The coming stage will see a quantum leap in economic development and the stage is set for implementing mega projects some of which have already been approved,” he remarked.
Sheikh Jaber urged the eligible voters to go to polls in the National Assembly elections, due in early next month, as a way of contributing to the national interests regardless of any calls by boycotters.
“When the State of Kuwait acknowledged the political rights for women in 2005, come critics raised hell, but later on the move proved a success and contributed to democratization,” he reminded.
“The new change of the political scene will gain credibility through the set-up of the coming parliament,” Sheikh Jaber said, lauding the ideas and views stated by some parliamentary hopefuls recently.
The Prime Minister voiced hope that the turnout in the coming polls will be high enough to encourage us to press ahead with democratization and the implementation of the planned mega projects.

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